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Here's an awesome article I was in *blushes*
Hi guys! I'm Blair and I love writing stories with loads of romance, possibly some drama and always a happy ending.
Some facts about me: 
-I'm twenty-one and currently in law school which as tough as they say *cries*
-My agent found me through Wattpad because of all the love you guys have shown TBBG! Thank you <3
-I'm pretty much only read and write love stories.
-A fruit fly has a better attention span than I do.
-I'm so bad at math, I can't even count correctly.
-My sense of humour seems to only come across in my books, in real life I'm about as funny as a pumpkin. 
-My username is in honour of my favourite Gilmore Girls character, Jess is not my own name! 
-Brooke Davis is my ultimate girl crush. 
~ Niall Horan is my twin! We were actually born on the same exact day. (That's why he's my favourite)
-Potterhead, always. 
-No read requests please
-I love you guys so much for all the support 
-For my all time favourite stories check out my reading list called 'The Brilliant Ones.'
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Dear Me (A Letter To My Younger Self/Women's Day 2015)

Social data: 3.6K reads. 240 votes. 87 comments.

Description: Inspired by YouTube's #DearMe initiative-the idea isn't my own nor is this story affiliated with YouTube! For this year's Women's Day I wanted to do something special! I think it's a great idea to look back at our lives and think about what we would...


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LaceyAnn16 posted a message to JessGirl93
TBBG inspired me...I've struggled with my weight my whole life & after reading about Tessa (I know she's fictional) I got the courage to start my weight loss journey & now I've come so far & I owe a lot of it to you...thank you so much <3