I'm in my fourth year at the University of Alberta, just got into medical lab science. Up until Uni I took drama classes and I love love LOVE to act, even though under any other circumstance I hate public speaking. Contradictory huh? 
I'm definatly no experienced writer except this one time in elementary when one of my stories got 
published in the school paper. Other than that my writing has only been in my diary. I have always 
thought about writing a real story, though I usually only write out scenes so having to come up with the 
filling to make a story should be interesting. 
Another contradictory thing about me is that I don't believe in happy ending, real life just isn't like that, but I still like reading and writing them.
Some random things about me...
I can't stand fizzy pop, I always shake out all the bubbles before drinking it
I don't like twilight, but I do love the Morganville vampire series.
I kind of always wished I could live in the medieval era and learn all those cool things like shooting a 
bow, sword fighting, and jousting.
I LIVE to read. I could easily go 4 hours or more straight reading a good book, and my favorite author is 
Tamora Pierce <3 


PS. For all those of you who want your stories read, I have a special page for that so post it up there and not on my message board. If you can't even take a second to read this note I won't be bothered to read your story.

For updates and chapter previews, or if you just want to talk, join my group on Facebook: xoStardust, or add me, the username is Celia Rhodes
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The Last Dance

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Alone on Cloud 9

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Read Your Story?

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Wren19th posted a message to xoStardust
Alexander with all his bickering with Tally at the last paragraphs of Chapter 13 is likely screaming LOOK AT ME // CHOOSE ME // IM WAY SUITABLE THAN NICHOLAS FOR YOU //YOURE MAKIN ME CRAZY WOMAN 

hahahahahaha Im so in love with chapter 13!!! xD I love them all!!!
I'm now pining for the next time you update Dancing with Deception. It hurts to count the days when I'll read the next chapter but the story is worth the wait. And to Prince's is a bonus ;) though I will always pick Alexander over Nicholas. <3
BlairrrWaldorf posted a message to xoStardust
YOU ARE AWESOME ! thank you for updating . this is my favourite book on wattpad and once again you are a fantastic author. You bring your characters to life and each new chapter is more amazing than the last -didn't think that could be possible . looking forward to more Alex and Tally ♥
Hey everyone, keep an eye out for the next chapter of Dancing with Deception, which will be posted later tonight. Here's a little teaser you get you excited ;)

...“I wonder, if anger can inspire this much passion, how do you respond to someone you actually care about?” He whispered cheekily. 
“I guess you’ll never know,” I stated, bringing my sword up and around to swing at his midsection.
He grinned, stepping to the side to deflect the blow. “Don’t be so sure of that, you’ve already found your way outside my chambers once, who’s to say it wont happen again?”
“You’re delusional.” I swung high and he met my strike above his head, bringing us face-to-face mere inches apart.
“I prefer to think of it as eternally hopeful,” He said coyly, eyes gleaming with mischief....