Hey guys! My name is Rachel (:

I love to write, don't really have much time to read anymore (and even when I do, I make up my own endings), I love the beach & amusement parks.
My favorite food? Cupcakes. Red velvet to be exact.

Outside of Wattpad, I'm also a full-time student, I have a job, and I'm director of something called Praise in Motion at my church, which essentially means that I'm a type of choreographer. So there's no such thing as free-time for me.

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To clear a few things up:
1) Please don't ask for a sequel if I clearly stated that there isn't going to be one. Please respect my decision and let's make peace with the story that's just been written.
2) Don't comment "update" on my stories. That's, like, my biggest pet peeve. And I'll either a) delete your comment if I'm feeling nice or b) say something really sassy or mean because I've already warned you that I don't like that.
3) If you send me a Private Message asking me to read your story, I will not reply. It's not that I don't want to read your story, it's just that I honestly just don't have the time.
4) I do not accept translation requests. Please do not send me a private message asking me if you can translate my story.
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Description: *Spin-off of My Brother's Best Friend *Trigger Warning: This book deals with issues such as self-harm, Anorexia, and depression. Lee Adams is what people tend to call "high-maintenance". He feels as though he has absolutely no control over his emot...

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_YOLO_02_ posted a message to knightsrachel
I know you said you weren't gonna write a sequel to One Of The Boys but it's a really good book and I think you should. I'm not telling you to but it would be a great idea. I know that if I really want one then I should write one my self but it wouldn't be the same as the way you wrote One Of The Boys.