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*Crawls Out Of The Grave* 

I know. I know. And I'm truly sorry. I've done all my readers a horrible thing and you may throw things at me if you wish. I think the last time I came on wattpad was like wayyy over a year ago? I think I also left my stories at a cliffhanger. I'm sorry about that too. I swear to god it was not planned. 

I wish I could say the reason I left was because I ran into a Channing Tatum look-a-like, fell madly in love, eloped to the Caribbean, left Channing for a Brazilian underwear supermodel, ran off to get hitched in Las Vegas and is now currently typing this in a hotel room somewhere in the south of France, but alas, that is not the case. I wish it was bc then everyone would COMPLETELY understand why I would run off with a Channing Tatum look-a-like and two-time him with a sexy supermodel instead of sitting in front of the computer typing, but in reality, my life is still ridiculously boring as always. 

The reason I left was just bc my mental fuse blew up. It's hard to balance college & work & my parents' constant nagging that I'm a huge loser & that I should go figure out what I want with my life instead of typing up stupid stories bc frankly that doesn't bring in income. It also takes me a long time to produce a chapter. Words don't always flow out & when they do, not always correctly or the way I want it to. Wattpad is just a huge, HUGE amount of stress & I'm really, really sorry about leaving the way I did, but I just didn't have the time or the proper anxiety level to continue. That said, don't count me as officially back. I have about 5 months until I move across the country (hopefully) & have a bit of time. I'll finish TRG & LOL so that nobody curses me in their sleep. :3

And lastly, a BIG THANK YOU & HUGE HUG to all my readers who have stayed with me all this time! I dont deserve u! T__T


Stay Lovely, Aubrey.


Lessons On Love

Lessons On Love

Humor #139 / Romance #163
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The Replacement Girlfriend

The Replacement Girlfriend

Humor #53 / Romance #57
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Chase Evans may be a notorious playboy, but he’s always known he’d fall hopelessly in love one day. So when he meets Spanish beauty LaCienega [Lah-cie-Ena-ga] Pe... read more
17,399,264 reads votes 137,145 comments 20,095


6 parts / 23 pages, updated Mar 07, 2014PG-13Video
(Formerly SSMS) A little down on love since her ex-boyfriend, Karlin, ditched her, 22 years old Melissa Alexander is determined to find something better. With the help of he... read more
146,102 reads votes 3,319 comments 551
Late Summer Rain

Late Summer Rain

11 parts / 21 pages, updated Aug 17, 2011PGPicturesCompleted
It was pity that first made Dannie speak to him. She had known Ryan since she was a kid, but he had always been the popular Golden Boy, and she had always been the tomboy ... read more
4,446,875 reads votes 64,040 comments 15,136
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haha Marshmilla is Cutttte~
Lessons On Love

Im sorry :O I usually dont make cliffs on purpose. I just get bored of writing and stop. lol
Lessons On Love

I totally agree with your comment about Chase, LaCienega and Krislynn! I cant spoil things so i can only say "time will tell" XD
The Replacement Girlfriend

Ikr. I feel the worst for Chase. Poor baby hasnt even done anything and he's received like 200 death threats already XD
The Replacement Girlfriend

I thumbsUP your comment. XD
The Replacement Girlfriend