The Last Dance

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Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady' if she can help it, is not looking forward to coming of age and attending the High Ball which she thinks is nothing more than a market for single girls. The two have hated each other since childhood, but when the stress gets to John and he does something drastic, Celia's the only one who can help.
in love with your writing style and this brilliantly written book. Good Job❤❤
the comments are hilarious but we all know it's gonna be you
I thought this said King Joffrey from Game of Thrones and I was about to stop reading this book so fast lol. By the way, ya'll should follow my Instagram if you love GoT :-) it's @gotscns hehehe
ooooh so excited to start reading it after all these comments
this was one of the first books i read on wattpad a few years ago and i loved it so much, so im re reading it for the first time
Few! For a second I thought we'd be having some incest trouble