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A letter to Grammar Nazis

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                I turned the letter back over, and let out a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding in. But as complicated as he had just made things between us, now I knew that he was as committed to...
@lisaheyy Mine won't be till I see some happy endings for everyone but Lendin!

Thanks for your patience with this chapter, people. It was so so so so hard for me to write. I was also really nervous about whether or not to publish it. But I had this planned from the beginning, s...
They say "your first thoughts are always the right ones", you my friend have just proven that theory true. Now when this becomes published and then into a movie in the future make sure to tell the wattpad community  first so we could reserve our copies and tickets ahead of time okay? Great now off you go to the next  wonderful chapter!!!♡♥♡♥♡

                 “One more fight,” I held up my gloved finger, “A real one, this time. If I win, we are moving on and calling in Hyperion Gold to discuss your plan to save your dad and the city. If y...
*Turns into a Super Saiyan, then transfer all my energy to Maddy*  You got this!!!!!Be the Maddragon!!!!!!!!