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I was really craving some cheese and onion flavoured potato chips today, so I decided to duck up to the shops to get some. Whenever I go shopping, I'm like a woman on a mission. In and out, as quick...
Yup thats the female version of my Dad, but I can kindof top that, not only does he take forever in the store but also getting ready for it as well as heading to the car, yes even though he's ready he has to stop and get some out the fridge, grab a sandwich, use the bathroom and THEN leave . but heres the kicker rushes me when we're late for something he has to do, I kid you not (-___- #Storyofmylife.

That's why Alexandra's story is best served as the B story. I've given her as much "screen time" as I can without boring you with how miserable she was. I hope you all understand :
@kemq90 my thoughts exactly,  also like you said its not enough to make a whole story out of it like Marie's story in "The Reluctant Matroness" , Shoot Siemon's sister-in-law didn't need a story and people seem just fine with both instances.You know best cause your the writer hun!!!!!