Me? I am a romancophile hiding away from real life in my world of fiction. I am a fan of historical romance, and regency is my favourite time to set a story in. I love grammatically correct tales since then I can concentrate on the plot rather than being distracted by something I want to correct, but I can quite happily throw over pretenses for a gripping story. Did I mention that I am an English teacher? I am tardy in reviewing and would like to beg forgiveness of all writers now itself for that abysmal habit of mine. I do try, but my marriage, son and job stop me from voting and commenting as much as I might wish. 

And I continue to be awestruck at all the love people have given to my novella and poems on Wattpad. Ratings don't matter that much to me (not a lot at least, I am but human!), but the acceptance and encouragement of all the wonderful people out here does. I am always humbled when people express their feelings for my writing, even if it is but a line or two. I love hearing from you all!
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Description: Rachel Warren was an ordinary maiden leading an ordinary yet secure life, until an unforeseen misfortune forces her to take up a post as governess to two young girls. Follow her as she travels the paths of her life where she gets her first job, fall...

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AnitaMisra commented on Rachel's Story - Chapter 15

It actually is a title, you know. Some people do have the ill fortune to be burdened with wierd names. But look at it this way...at the time when this tale was unfolding, likely there was no such item as coleslaw in England! ;)
AnitaMisra commented on Rachel's Story - Chapter 2

And yet, I hope she is a believable character? I tried my hardest to make her good, but not anything extraordinary...basically she is practical, loyal, independent and yes, good. :) I think her mischievous streak keeps her from getting boring. her decision was also based on practicality...she knew how easy it is to sour relationships if you overburden someone with your needs, whether financial or emotional. And if by taking herself out of the equation she could secure her beloved family's future, she would definitely do it.
AnitaMisra commented on Rachel's Story - Chapter 2

First of all, thanks for commenting on each chapter till now. I really love to listen to my readers ' opinions. As for Rachel 's sacrifice, this is like her all over... Caring for her brothers came naturally to her. Even then, girls were never sent to university for higher studies in those days whereas men needed the same for future prospects, especially those aspiring for the clergy. As the children of a clergyman, I believe they must place high value on education for the boys.
Hello folks! My dear friends and well wishers, I gave birth to a darling son on 1st September. Now I am on full time Mama duty!
meremaid posted a message to AnitaMisra
Anita.. its a pleasure to see an Indian writer wth tht gr8 of passion n talent..
I really enjoyed ur story.. gr8 going girl.
I wish u best of luck..
AnushkaGoel posted a message to AnitaMisra
you know, your name is the same as one of my previous math teacher..! and you said you're a teacher too! 
by the way, Rachel's story was AMAZING!! It was too good!