If you want my attention, tell me we're going on an adventure.

Favorite shows
Scrubs, How I met Your Mother, Doctor Who, Arrested Development, @ midnight.

Type of music:
I'll listen to anything really.

Type of books:
I'll read just about anything my favorite genera are fantasy and adventure...Oh and scifi you can't go wrong with that!

If you want me to check your stories just let me know and I'd be happy to help out!

Thanks for checking out my profile and STAY AWESOME!!!
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    Hiding by the pool in the TARDIS!
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Tranquility-The Adventures Of A Little Jinxx

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Description: It's not every day you wake up, in a back ally, next to a dumpster, but hey, it's great story to tell at parties! Especially, if you're being chased by a bunch of men in suits and covered in someone else's blood. Now those are some juicy details you...

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Dragon Racers

Dragon Racers

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Luna is one of the greatest dragon racers in all of Seb, but she has a secret. Every time she races she...

Not Another Vampire Story-The Adventures Of A Little Jinxx

Not Another Vampire Story-The Adventures Of A Little Jinxx

18.2K 304 86

If you think this is one of those stories were some stupid girl decides to take a walk in the middle of...

English Class (Not a very catchy title, sorry ^_^')

English Class (Not a very catchy title, sorry ^_^')

1K 29 12

These are some of my English assignments, mostly consisting of short stories, play writing, poems, etc...

Letters To Zombies

Letters To Zombies

24 3 1

If you were to turn our sick lives into a book, Matilda Sailor would have been the protagonist. She had...

Believe it or not, I have updated my stories! I also wrote the first chapter of Tranquility (another Jinxx adventure) The name may change if someone could come up with something better! Antyways, enjoy and STAY AWESOME!!!~