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SharonHonyumptewa commented on No Regrets - Chapter 17

Excellent as always. I hope you are taking your vitamins and doing everything your doc says to help your health. That way you will be able to keep the story flowing. I know that is selfish, but it is your fault for writing such a great story with such lovable characters. 
Whatever happens next, I know will be very difficult for Leigh. It seems like a lot of sorrow for one person to bear, but Leigh is one person who has enough love and strength to handle it and even console others. 
Keep it up.
SharonHonyumptewa commented on To Be Decided - Breath Taking

One mystery solved. We now know Elijah's name. I do have a question. I know that there is a chosen out there for each person, but is it possible for people to just have a sexual attraction  and even affection?  And is the point of discovering your chosen instantaneous or does it build? There are so many questions building up that I can hardly wait for the next chapter.  Good job.

When I judge a story, I judge it by my standards. I don't look for symbolism or some deep, dark commentary on the downward spiral of civilization. I want to read things that make me happy or scared or make me wonder what if. In other words, I just read what I enjoy.
Your stories have that thing that makes your characters seem real. The situations have enough of reality to make you feel like this could all be happening just on the other side of the mountains. Keep it up. You're a crowd pleaser.

It would be so nice if Mystery Man was the one for Iz. But I guess there is sexual attraction even if he isn't her mate.
Some times it's hard waiting for the next update. It makes me want to wait for the finish so I can read it all at once and not get an ulcer waiting to see what happens next. 
I love the story. It's not fair that you already know what's going to happen in the end. So, quit reading this and get back to writing!