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SharonHonyumptewa commented on FourEvers - Chapter 4

I'm so glad to see Britt starting to rejoin the land of the living. I knew you didn't write zombie stories. It's awful how fast the monster found her. I'm guessing he might be Bruce? 
      Whenever you get back to this book, we will all be waiting for it. I'm intrigued.
      Thank you for the dedication. It means a lot to me. Keep up the wonderful writing and take care of yourselves.
SharonHonyumptewa commented on Damaged Flower - 3 - Three Words

OMG! You are trying to make me cry, too. How much more trauma can this family take? Have the police made any headway in their investigation? I know you'll get to that eventually, but I am impatient.
      Gary's accident was a blessing in disguise. There seems to be a ray of hope. 
      More, more, more! Give us more!

I can't begin to understand the trauma lily had to endure. I can understand her need to be back where she last saw her mom. 
      I love the story so far. I realize I am one of those who are biased, but I really am looking forward to the next chapter. Please, please don't give up on this. This is well written and you can actually see and feel the grief the boys are going through and the struggle to have to return to the house. Great job.
SharonHonyumptewa commented on No Regrets - Epilogue

This has been such a wonderful story. I feel like I would really love to meet these people. They seem so real. Any delays there have been we're worth the wait. They say good things come to those who wait. In this case it was so very through. Thank you so much for all your work.