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I'm just Jaŋịɛ. 

I'm not a very skilled writer, but I feel that I am a great story teller. You are reading my initial outpouring of ideas. There will be mistakes and repetitive scenarios. WARNING: G&M is an Epic Paranormal-Romance. Shockingly, I have to point that out, but there, you've been warned.

My FB writer pg: http://www.facebook.com/JanieMarieAkajanie1617OnWattpad

My stories are not for everyone. They are highly emotional and will contain some traumatic material as well as sexual content. Biblical content may be considered controversial, just keep an open mind and understand this is fiction. I also ask that readers keep in mind that others will connect strongly with the characters. Posting insensitive comments is not appreciated. 

I thrive off of helpful feedback. Leave me your comments, even the silly ones. :D

✙ G&M  #1 Gods and Monsters: The Rewritten Version (Book One)- Completed
✙ G&M #2 Innocence Lost- Completed
✙ G&M #3 The Light Bringer- Completed

^^ Gods and Monsters (Book One)*** Original posting of book one… I do NOT encourage reading this version.

✙The Wolf Prince (Spin off story*PREQUEL* from the G&M Trilogy) Don't necessarily have to read the main series first.

✙BIZARRO - A collection of "BIZARRO" FAN-FICS that involve characters from the entire G&M series. 


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Description: Being secretly in love with the most popular boy is a common occurrence for a lot of teenage girls. For Kylie Hood, the most unnoticeable girl at Woods High School, dreaming of Trevor Grimm is a silly fantasy to help her escape her own cruel reality...

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The Light Bringer, Gods & Monsters #3 {ROUGH DRAFT BACK ONLINE} ✖Mature Readers✖

The Light Bringer, Gods & Monsters #3 {ROUGH DRAFT BACK ONLINE} ✖Mature Readers✖

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★BOOK 3 of the GODS AND MONSTERS TRILOGY will be reposted 11-10-15!!!! ✖HEADS UP✖ PART OF THIS BO...

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Gods and Monsters (#1) *Rewritten Version* {Completed} ✖✖

Gods and Monsters (#1) *Rewritten Version* {Completed} ✖✖

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★Part of this book is marked ❝PRIVATE❞ by Wattpad Must ❝FOLLOW❞ to read entire story. DELETE...

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The Wolf Prince (Spin-Off(PREQUEL) from the Gods & Monsters Trilogy)

The Wolf Prince (Spin-Off(PREQUEL) from the Gods & Monsters Trilogy)

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✖Mature Readers Only✖ This is a dark story… Spin-Off(PREQUEL) from the Gods & Monsters Trilogy –...

#365 in Paranormal
Innocence Lost (Gods and Monsters #2)✖ROUGH DRAFT✖

Innocence Lost (Gods and Monsters #2)✖ROUGH DRAFT✖

411K 17.8K 3.1K

BOOK TWO in the Gods and Monsters Trilogy…. It will be edited offline to prepare for publishing. I a...

I seriously cringe every time you update.Lol. I mean, it's good, and I love Gage and all, but Regan just tears me down. I want her with Gage, but only because he loves her so much and she's who he wants... I want to root for her, but the way she thinks just drives me nuts. And this crap right here, the sex, is just like old Regan... But it made me kinda step back and think... I don't really think their sex meant anything more to her. She was just always like a horny teenager caught in the moment – a drug addict too blind to see what she was doing before she got high – only one goal –  get her fix... Clearly, for Gage, it means more. He's trying to talk to her, tell her that this is it... But she's like a druggie, addicted to him, and all she thinks when her drug wears off; is he's ruining her –– when really, she's the one who can't stop using. Total crap that she passed her test. Passing it would be never allowing it to happen. Ugh. My tummy and heart hurt.... I don't even see her reasoning for wanting to go to the FBI. She should know from experience that jail doesn't stop these guys. I'm like.Duh... You were attacked in a freaking prison bc they controlled it. Anyway, there's always another a-hole lined up to take over, so why? Wouldn't doubt it, if ole Candy, whøre that she is, moved up so high that she'd be calling the shots if everyone got locked up... Gah! I'm so pissed. Stupid Regan. Stupid whatever these bad Russians are. The Russian Mob? Whatever. Just wise up, Regan, and either go put a bullet in everyone's heads, or shut up.... Woah! I'm really cranky after reading this. Better go to bed before and stop my own writing, so I don't go kill off all my characters with car bombs or something. xD
Still love ya, hon... But Regan is destroying my heart... Team Gage!!! He's a bad boy, but love a guy that loves his girl. <3
MichaelJameson posted a message to janie1617
Hi Janie just visited your Facebook page and liked it but I have a quick question I saw that there's a cover for a book called descendants but it's not on your list of works on wattpad. How do I go about reading it as I like to read all your stories or is it under a different name on here? Xx
Got a question for you guys.... Head over to my FB page to find out what it is, and give me your answer. http://www.facebook.com/JanieMarieAkajanie1617OnWattpad

And yes!!! I'm working on updating Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  

I've just been completely overwhelmed this week, but I'm trying to get something up by tomorrow. No promises.

Now, go answer my question! :)

Well, I am so trying to play with that boy, but you know....busy week and stuff. Xmas, freaking work, no sleep, my older baby girl had her 9th bday on Tues... She volunteered me for making breakfast tacos for the third grade!!!!! Seriously!!! I'm wicked worn out. But I'm off today and tomorrow. Gonna try and get something done. Hopefully, I'll get it up before the weekend bc I gotta work again, and by myself, too... Lousy co-workers all took off, and no one volunteered to work w/me. Butt munchers. xD Lol. Okay, I gotta go write. :D
Logan-She means: she needs to come climb her sexy @ss back in bed so we can write that R rated chapter.
Ryder- You have 2 seconds.... *scythe appears*
Logan- Sh!t. 
Me: Hehe...Their shirts are off. *:D*