I like to write, though I wouldn't consider myself a writer or author. I have these ideas that I picture so vividly, but when I try to write them. . . it's not what I imagined. So, I post here to try and improve and get feedback on my writing.

 Though I love the enthusiasm you all send me about my stories, I am a mother and wife and have other things in my life that come before writing. I have a Life and it is hectic. I might not always be able to write or post, but I will get all my stories completed! Be patient please.  I write, edit, and upload when I can. . . sorry if it is not as often as you would like. Thanks to those who understand and have patience! 

I read everything everyone writes to me no matter where it is. . . pm, message, or comments. . . might not reply (sorry) but I do read and appreciate it! So keep it all coming!
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Description: Vampires were created to cause destruction. Werewolves were made to balance that destruction, and to protect humans. When a girl is discovered and appears to be a hybrid the two sides battle to get to her first. Calhoun, the very first vampire wants...


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For Just One Night

For Just One Night

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Tina is a bit clueless when it comes to dating and men. Her Daddy sheltered her and every time she goes...



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LovinLife808 commented on The Damned - Bar Fight

Without having to explain to each other why, both Cal and Luc headed for the back door to the bar. Lucian knew it was a fight between a wolf and a vampire going on in the bar, Cal new it as well. Wit...
Oh, so you think your comment is acute one?

Thanks for marking it so I can go back and fix! :)
laehm52 posted a message to LovinLife808
Not a sense of misery... More a sense of reality in tales. Not all books have happy endings, too many people have been raised on fluff and lies. They tend to turn a blind eye to reality as well. Lol..  I tend to be happy most of the time but love a good book that ends well. Kudos... It's nice to see a down to earth ending than the fluff most have now a days.
LovinLife808 commented on The Damned - *Fin*

Cal turned and knelt down by Celia. Her eyes were closed and her heart had already stopped beating. Lucian laid her down on the floor, stood and roared. He jumped out the window to go help his people...
But aren't you all knowing? lol. 

Thanks for reading. As of now. . .this is all there is. :( Sorry
Straight Out Of My Inbox. . . . 

"Hello. This is sad, someone must have hurt you a lot for you to dislike happy endings this much. Write another book and do some justice to this story. The Damned is such a great story. Why end it like that? It makes no sense."

Why do people keep saying ish like this to me? I have nothing against a happy endings. . . of any sort **awkward wink**  My story. . . the way I pictured it and had set it up COULD NOT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING!! It was impossible for it to end happily. I am so sick of people saying "You must be miserable" or other way more rude comments about my personal life. This is unacceptable. Read someone's story, tell your opinion, give constructive criticism, or name the damn . . . for all I care, but DO NOT criticize or make assumptions about my )or any author) and my/their personal life!! 

Today I found out that my best friend died. She was just shy of her birthday by 2 weeks, just passed her 5 year wedding anniversary by 5 days, and had just received the organ she had been waiting YEARS for. Her ending SUCKED and was way too soon. . . she was a real person and her ending was NOT happy. Life sucks sometimes and not everything is happy. y ending- was REALISTIC. . . well, as realistic as it can get in a story about wolves and vamps. Get Over It! 

Sorry for venting. . . this was just the wrong effing day to get that in my inbox!