I like to write, though I wouldn't consider myself a writer or author. I have these ideas that I picture so vividly, but when I try to write them. . . it's not what I imagined. So, I post here to try and improve and get feedback on my writing.

 NOTE: Feb 2015. I didn't have the heart to delete this profile.  I unpublished everything but won't delete. I  hate the thought of losing all the votes and comments you all have given. . . plus I like the option to come back if I want to. Thank you for the 5 years of love and support. 

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TOTAL15 posted a message to LovinLife808
I feel the same way as everyone else! I loved your stories so much! I respect your decision but I still wish I could read your stories again. They were amazing 
Read the v card a long while back and loved it. I've been trying to find it again and then when I finally find your account, you've taken everything down!!! I feel so gutted BC it is so amazing and I LOVED it. It was probably one of the best things I've ever read on here
Shanlouise96 posted a message to LovinLife808
The V Card was and is my favourite book on Whattpad altogether. I came back to re-read it for the 5th time and it's gone!! I'm so gutted. Please let me read it again!
rbarton126 posted a message to LovinLife808
I came across your story the V card on another wattpad users  profile and very would much like to read it myself. looks like from previous comments your fans -I call them fans- would love to have your stories back.  I'm very sure I would love them.