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aprilviolet commented on Sold: Survival - 4

Ah well. You know what they say. DTA. Apparently especially in these books. Haha. I'd say I love this Liam (and much more than Azrael/Liam), but I can't help feeling like it will come back to bite me later. Lol. I love that I just don't know what to expect at all with this story.
aprilviolet commented on Haven - 2. Fresh Start

I wonder if she'll keep calling it the adulterers bed now that she knows Jack burns furniture from time to time. Pretty sure that particular bed probably would have been his first target. Haha
aprilviolet commented on He's My Mate - Chapter 17- Hazel

I'm sure many will be happy with the change. Haha. I loved both stories as they were, but I admit, I do like it a bit more this way. Except, I'm now curious how things go with the whole contract thing. Like, him sleeping with Hazel was originally when he decided to be unselfish and let her out of it, right? Because he recognized how horrible it was of him. I'm not sure if it fits as much now, because I think him stopping is in-and-of-itself progress, which doesn't require as big of a gesture as releasing her from their 'contract'... Idk, guess I'll have to reread the book again to see how it feels this way all together.