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Finally able to reverify my account! Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully I start getting my notification emails now and I haven't missed too much from the stories I follow.

Hahaha. He so got rid of L.E. - Lieutenant E. The L.L. was probably for Lilly Linton. Now the more interesting question is, HOW did he 'dispose' of that particular issue? And WHY? Is he that convinced and adamant about it effecting her efficiency? OR does he like her and that's just an excuse? Lol This is such a fun, entertaining read. Can't wait for more! But I will if I must.

Loved her calling him out and loved him apologizing and seeing sense. It was awesome. I sincerely hope they keep up the good work with their relationship. Haha.

Definitely think Austin has ulterior motives. I even kind of think he might want to just see Jamie hurt. He may not even have an exact endgame planned. Haha. No, actually, I think he wants her for himself. I bet he knows that Heather and Carter together won't necessarily do anything to Jamie, accept maybe want him even less, but what he's really hoping is that it'll make Nate flip and show his 'true colors' or whatever, and go back to Heather, or at least flip enough that his 'feelings' for Heather hurt Jamie too much, and that maybe said 'true colors' will cause her to leave him. And then she will be left like, "to Hell with mating with wolves!" Lol. After all the crap. And he can swoop in, the loyal friend, whose always been there and loved her and was her first... blah blah blah. Whatever his intentions... Doing the right thing? My ass! Lol The only 'right' thing is to mind ya business.