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aprilviolet commented on Penthouse Suite - Chapter Nineteen

Honestly, I'd still be upset at his ignoring her, especially after such a huge revelation on her part. He saw how terrified she was about him not wanting her anymore, how could he not realize how that would feel for her, waking up alone the next day, being ignored all day? So as much as I sort of get his reasons, I'm still not ok with what he did. Also, if I were her I'd be kind of upset that he didn't invite me to such an important charity event. He's invited her to so many other events, but when it is something truly important to him on a personal level, he doesn't. I can't help but feel like he should have wanted her there even more because you should want the people most important to you to be a part of the things most important to you. I think she has legit reason to be upset even if the cheating accusations issues hadn't come up. I think part of the reason she was so willing to think the worst was that she was already hurting from his ignoring her. As understandable as his reasons were, it doesn't mean it was the right way to do things.

In any case, I really hope she doesn't listen to him and goes to him and demands they talk things out. Time apart is stupid. Fight for your relationship!

Honestly, I'm disappointed. First you made us like Jack and unable to wait for him to find out they were mates and to be together. Then you pull a 180 and make him a total douche, like it's not even the same character. I can't even be happy about what Kehon could be for her because the whole thing just feels blah right now. And this is coming from someone who, in general, is a bigger fan of 'choice' mates, than 'fated' mates.

I like the basic plot, but I think their actions are incredibly flawed. I have great difficulty at all understanding why they are acting the way they are because the logic just completely fails in my opinion, as I pointed out in a previous chapter a bit more sarcastically. Which I apologize for the sarcasm, but that's the best way I could express my somewhat annoyance at these extreme flaws in the two main characters' logic, because it makes them unrelatable for me.

I'm sorry, but this doesn't really make any sense.

"Oh no! We are mates and our packs are enemies, so would completely hate this!"

"They'd never accept us together!"

-light bulb moment-

"I know! Since we can't be together because our packs are sworn enemies who hate each other, let's make them hate each other even more! Let's act disgusting towards each other and even physically harm each other so the bad blood between our packs gets even worse, because they will surely be outraged at their Alphas being attacked."

"Oh yes! That is brilliant! It solves everything!"

Um... NOT. Smh.