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IF Nate flips about those two, I don't think it will be about any residual feelings for Heather (hope not). I'm not trying to argue he won't feel something over that revelation (it's been said in comments they'll always be connected to a degree and I do agree with that) but absolutely everything we've seen from his POV shows him being dedicated to Jamie completely. Even when he'd tried to settle for Heather when he'd decided to let go of Jamie, he seemed like he was merely resigned to his 'fate' with Heather. He was doing that FOR Jamie more than anything else, to let her go. So I'll be a bit surprised if he feels any actual jealousy of Carter in regards to him 'being with' Heather again. Jamie on the other hand... has been more affected more often. If Nate should lose his temper, I just feel like it would possibly be more in response to feeling Jamie's reactions, and maybe misinterpreting them, being angry she hasn't become quite as indifferent to her 'fate' mate as he seems to be towards his own. Also, he knows them both (Heather&Carter) and how entitled they are. I can't see Nate NOT recognizing instantly that they are really just playing games and doing this as a plot to come between him and Jamie. I don't think he'll believe their act for a second. I think if anything, he'll be pissed at their intentions. It will be their intentions to come between him and Jamie that will set him off really. At least, that's what I'm hoping more than anything. His dedication to Jamie has been completely consistent and I hope it remains that way. Now if only he'd tell her bout that secret... but of course it will end up coming from someone else. Haha.

Btw, I have to say, hurry and get this story over with (kidding... kinda)! As much as I love it, and believe me I do, it is not good for my health! I should not feel this much anxiety for two characters! Lol.
aprilviolet commented on Teasing The Alpha - Chapter 10

Ok, glad the Beta saved her, but seriously?! HIS female?! Wow, talk about presumptuous. That kinda creeps me out actually that he is thinking that way. And the way he labels her by just her gender... so sexist, he's most likely thinking of only one thing. The Alpha better get her scent and go get her.

In my opinion, It actually kind of makes more sense that he didn't truly sleep with all those girls, because if he had, it would have caused more of them to hate him. Let's face it, when a guy REALLY  screws a girl and leaves her that quickly, some might get 'heartbroken', but most would also be pissed off and disgusted by him. The fact he really did just 'date' them for a week, explains why girls cried over him the way Kayla said she's seen. Clearly a lot of girls crush on him, so getting asked out by him probably makes them ecstatic. They date for a week, he dumps them, and they - having convinced themselves it was going great and seen how nice a guy he actually is - are 'devasted', possibly wondering what they did wrong to be dumped so soon. So considering that so far, none of them seem to actually hate him and they still want him as their boyfriend, it just makes more sense to me he didn't use them. Or else, why would nearly ALL of them still think he's so great? If he he'd been THAT cruel to so many, their like for him wouldn't make sense. I know sometimes a girl can be blind to such things when it involves a hot guy they are smitten with, but the majority are more reasonable than that.

Fave POV - Nate for sure.

Crazy flakes overdose? Nah. Just hurt, angry, jealous, vindictive, stubborn, irrational, obsessive flakes. Haha. Ok, maybe a bit crazy. I don't know. It doesn't feel that crazy to me for them to feel the way they do and act the way they are as a result. I'm waiting to see Nate go crazy though. I kind of feel like we're building up to that. Lol. And I'm kinda scared, tbh.

It's probably something to do with him losing his temper, maybe killing someone innocent, or more than one someone? haha, I don't know. I hope it's nothing like sleeping with numerous she-wolves (or even Heather once - can't stand that power hungry -curseword-) while spiraling from "what happened to him." I know it seems weird I'd rather hear he killed someone he shouldn't have, but after alllll the fuss he's made about Carter sleeping with two she-wolves, it would just be annoying if that was it. Please please please make him confess whatever it is to Jaime before Brody does anything. However she is going to respond to whatever it is, he has to know his only chance at things still working for them is to be the one to tell her. His being 'honest' with her this whole time is one of the only things he has in his favor, so he has to realize she can't hear whatever it is from anyone else. She'll already be angry he kept it quiet this long, especially if it's something she should have been informed of before going all in with Nate.

P.s. Sorry for not commenting lately. Typing on my kindle is a pain when I always have so much to say. I always promise myself I'll get on the computer to type something up and before I know it, I've forgotten and I have another update, and yeah. My bad. So I just went ahead and used my kindle this time. Btw, you are still managing to make me incredibly anxious about all this. Lol. I NEED a Nate and Jamie ending.