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Most of my stories are R Rated, which means you must be a follower before you try to read them or save them to your library, or else it won't work . I didn't make them private, Wattpad did so only selected viewers can read them, I would be much more happier if they were public.

Links if the stories still don't work for you

♥Pleasuring her


You don't need any more links, if you click on the tab for chapters and you can see them all there, simple.

♥Calling Sister Nanny


♥♥NOW ALL ABOUT ME - What this About Me should be about right?♥♥

♥ I update my statuses and send messages a lot so feel free to respond! (Sorry for the spam)

♥ Don't post rude comments, they're rude for a reason 

♥ I don't do shout out or follow backs because if I do it for one person and I 'll have to do it for everyone.

♥ I'm a busy person and won't be able to update every night, yes I have a life

♥ I get from happy to fuck off mode in less than 2 seconds, partially b/c of the people who can't follow simple instructions, Not that hard.

♥ Do not advertise on my stories or on my message board, it's rude and I will delete it & you will face my WRATH

♥ I can be a total bitch at times, correction, I AM a total bitch

But really I love you all to bits, you won't understand how much 

♥ Insight Into my life: I like to sit on top of a double decker bus right at the back and write my stories and stay on it for at least 4 rounds.

♥ I also don't give away important information about me, I remain to keep who I am a secret :) Unless you want my snapchat then you can see my face :D

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Born for Royalty

Social data: 3.9M reads. 69.1K votes. 10.2K comments.

Description: Having your whole life planned out, even before you were born probably sucks, so Isandra counted her stars that she wasn't conceived just for the prince. But making her guard the spoiled future queen, fate had a sense of humor. But love at first sig...

#43 in Humor #70 in Romance

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The Enforcer

The Enforcer

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The Siren's Call

The Siren's Call

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Calling Sister Nanny (R RATED)

Calling Sister Nanny (R RATED)

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This story is only recommended for mature audiences as it contains 18+ scenes. When Clarrissa is calle...

Too Fat for Love

Too Fat for Love

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Just like any other girl Voilet just wanted to be perfect for Summer, Have a Summer fling, wear those se...

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