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♥ My stories have grammatical and spelling errors that will send the man writing "The Harvard Dictionary" into a COMA. I am that bad, so do not read any of them if you are a Grammar Nitz.

♥ Don't Advertise on my stories or message board, that's just rude. And also I don't do shout out or follow backs or read my story requests because I don't have the time, so please don't ask I hate to be rude and say, go away.

♥ I get from happy to fuck off mode in less than 2 seconds, partially b/c of the people who can't follow simple instructions, Not that hard.

But really I love you all to bits, you won't understand how much , every new comment on my story makes me like a 5 year old in a candy store

♥ I am weird.

♥ I also don't give away important information about me, I like anonymity.
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♥Pleasuring her


You don't need any more links, if you click on the tab for chapters and you can see them all there, simple.

♥Calling Sister Nanny




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Born for Royalty

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Description: Having your whole life planned out, even before you were born probably sucks, so Isandra counted her stars that she wasn't conceived just for the prince. But making her guard the spoiled future queen, fate had a sense of humor. But love at first sig...

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xxJustGabixx posted a message to XxNixonxX
P. S.S: I read your interview,  laughed a lot and then checked all of the others to see if there was anyone funnier...  nope, no luck...  you are the best! 
xxJustGabixx posted a message to XxNixonxX
I read your book ' pleasuring her'and what can I say...  it is one of the best stories I've read and cannot wait to see what will happen next.  I find Ophelia's reaction just awesome and if I was in her position I would think of the father the exact same way...  
      she is just brilliant and all of those monologues made me laugh multiple times.  Your story is one of those rear ones you don't mind waiting for an update even if it takes weeks... 
      Great job! 
      - Your newest fan, Gabi!
      P. S: Are all of your stories incomplete? 
Does anyone go to "The MacRobertson Girls High School," In Melbourne? PM if you do because I Will be there tomorrow!!! (Speech)
MiaRoseCook posted a message to XxNixonxX
its nice to read a story  where the characters match the background  and are realistic! gotta say this is the first time in months i don't want to slam my face against a wall after reading a story on here lol, plus now im not so bored to continue  50 shades of porn (gray) lol anyways keep up the good work! :D p.s if you ever get your  stuff made into a movie dont let whoever made twilight do it i would cry if whats her face played hill lol
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