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♥ My stories have grammatical and spelling errors that will send the man writing "The Harvard Dictionary" into a coma. I am that bad, so do not read any of them if you are a Grammar Nitz.

♥ Don't Advertise on my stories or message board, that's just rude. And also I don't do shout out or follow backs or read my story requests because I don't have the time, so please don't ask I hate to be rude and say, go away. 

♥ I get from happy to fuck off mode in less than 2 seconds, partially b/c of the people who can't follow simple instructions, Not that hard.

But really I love you all to bits, you won't understand how much , every new comment on my story makes me like a 5 year old in a candy store

♥ I am weird. 

♥ I also don't give away important information about me, I like anonymity. 
 Some stories are Private, thanks to Wattpad being mean, to read these you have to follow/fan me, then add it to your library and refresh. That should work, if not here are the links

♥Pleasuring her


You don't need any more links, if you click on the tab for chapters and you can see them all there, simple.

♥Calling Sister Nanny




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Born for Royalty

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Description: Having your whole life planned out, even before you were born probably sucks, so Isandra counted her stars that she wasn't conceived just for the prince. But making her guard the spoiled future queen, fate had a sense of humor. But love at first sig...

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