Hey! Okay so...hm. I used to start this off with "I want to be an author" but now I don't know what I want to be. I'll always write but now that it's time to consider college it's hard to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. Big decisions. Onto simpler topics...
      Things I love: reading, debating, swimming, drawing, singing, painting, attempting to learn piano and guitar, and - yes, we all do it (well okay, only the cool kids!) - watching those ABC Harry Potter marathons EVERY time they come on.
      To sum it up, on a daily basis I sleep and write and read. Oh, and occasionally do homework and school stuff, but that's not really a priority :P
      Sooo what else would you random readers of my profile like to know? I'm a pretty boring person when it comes down to it, although I do manage to find something to crack up about hysterically everyday.
      Well here are some random things that are awesome:
      How I Met Your Mother: It's Legen-wait for it-dary!
      Scrubs: "Eeeaaaggglleee!!" Possibly the best show ever.
      Harry Potter: Do I need to explain why?
      Avatar: Yip yip!
      Ouran High School Host Club: Best use of my Netflix free trial ever!
      Florence and the Machine: F*** You, I Love The Machine! (quote from the band's shirts...)
      Marina and the Diamonds: They're super super super!
      Neon Trees: A lot of songs about sex...but they do it tastefully and just so darn catchy!
      Cold War Kids: Two words: Favorite band.
      Brothers Grimm: And they all lived happily ever after...um...well...no.
      Disney (Mulan, Little Mermaid, Lion King): Ah my childhood :)
      SAW: I must go to Thorpe Theme Park...bucket list!
      British Accents: "Ello, this is the hobo speaking!" Good times with @Duskykun_27
      Concerts: Gotta love em'! I need to try crowd surfing...
      Autumn: Prettiest season (and the goriest...Halloween! >:)
      Winter: Second prettiest season :)
      http://www.twogag.com/ :Love this webcomic!
      http://boxerhockey.fireball20xl.com/ :And this webcomic!
      Um..That's all I can think of!
      ~Peace Wattdawgs! ;)
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