all around us the ocean was rocking and spewing and boiling. it was rough and dangerous. i had never experienced such a storm before. it was beautiful. the waves rode upwards and crashed furiously over the deck. we were battered and soaked and everyone was frightened. it did not help that i guessed where all this was coming from. i preferred to ignore what was going on in my mind. i was not frightened, but everyone else was scared stiff. everyone was praying. just as well they did not know what i knew, that all the prayers in the world would not help right now. i could see through the water and the fishes and sea creatures were having a whale of a time. i guessed that to them it must have seemed like it is to us when we go on a roller coaster ride some hundreds of years ahead. except they could not fall out or crash. how favoured to be them, i thought. as i looked beyond the faces surrounding me, i saw a giant wave approach and i knew this was it…this was the end of the road for me. the men held me by the arms and legs for a minute more and then heaved. i saw the railing of the ship come nearer and the frothy white waves met my eyes as the sailors let go of me. the icy water made me catch my breath and i knew i was going to drown. i waited for my life to pass before my eyes as they said it does when one drowns. that simply did not happen.
it looked as if i was in a cage made of bone. it consisted of concave slats and it was huge. the cave it was in, was even larger. water reached to my neck and then seemed to recede slowly but with a strong flow until it reached my ankles. i held onto a spongy branch to keep my balance. suddenly a big wave swept from the entrance to toward me. i took a deep breath in case i would be covered in water. it splashed about furiously but then subsided and my nose was above the surface and i could breathe. only just. i wondered how i was flushed into this space. was i lucky? maybe not. it did not smell good here. i suspected there 
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