sun comes through the mist. it is a woolly warmth. the light is like the illuminating of the sand on the beach. white, off white, egg shell, bone, cream, milky (i know she will steal this too)…i feel it on my lids. i feel the sand on my limbs. i am safely packed away under the beach soil. tightly. my head lolls back comfortably, coming to rest on the pale sandfloor that lies level with my neck. like a ball moving and coming to a stop after it has slowly rolled and rolled and r-o-l-l-l-l-l-e-d. i have never felt so weightless while being so weighted down by heaps of sand. for a nano second panic wants to explode through my heart into my fingertips and i want to pull my arms, my arms, just my arms at least, from the sand at the speed of lightning. my eyes are just about flush with the water. it is a queer sensation not being higher than the vast blue liquid. i wonder at the silliness of feeling safer just because one is standing. if all that water came at  me it wouldn’t matter whether i stood or crawled. or am buried here. a gull squawks towards me, it’s perfectly shaped beak is on the fringe of my vision. i see the little tripod of a claw print. so dainty, but so unmistakably there. crisscrossing, crisscrossing. reminds me of christopher cross’ s arthur’s theme, one of the saddest tunes in the whole wide world; the sun drips gold. it falls into the icy ocean with a hiss. the glob moves down at a speed slower than a staltiglob and comes to rest next to other golden balls of disputable shape resting there in an orange glowing. row upon row of balls. a field of balls. i see it clearly. even with open eyes. i can see them moving in unison. slowly. the balls are so huge. each the size of the moon. but glowing in orange. they are rolling out of the water now and approaching the spot where she is buried. the balls do not stop until they have all dropped into her ten-moons mouth. i watch with satisfaction until she is filled up completely…maybe she, too, is 
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