she must have been younger than five. her parents divorced when she was five and this happened when they were all still living together. talitha must have been fifteen and had taken her along to the public pool. they had gone in the water together, coming out, she was wrapped in a towel and sitting on talitha’s lap. the sun was shining warmly and it was late morning, around eleven. she was becoming drowsy, listening to the sounds of a swimming pool, but became aware of an irritating movement somewhere by her hair and she instinctively touched her head. and there it was. on her hand. a booger. she thought she was going to faint. for a second it did not make sense at all. at that moment talitha started speaking to someone who stood to the side of where they were sitting. she was not sure what she should do. how could talitha do such a thing? and why? why? she had never really liked her, she now realized. now that she had to think about it here and now. there was something about her eyes. shifty. how could her mother let her go to a swimming pool with this girl? all this went through her mind in a second. she was waiting for something to happen, for talitha to do something, she did not know what. she had surreptitiously wiped her hand on the towel. after all, it was not hers. what happened next was not planned. it was not something she thought of even for a second. it just happened. she peed. she felt the warmth spread between her legs. such pleasantness, especially when the rest of one’s skin is cool and covered in goosebumps. she could feel it seeping through the towel. poor towel, she thought, but a giggle bubbled through her lips. she knew there would be repercussions, but she did not care. she did not try to pee more slowly or softly or more carefully. suddenly she had the biggest wizz on earth. and all at once she felt how she was being lifted and thrown in the air towards the pool. she and the towel separated in mid air. in slow motion she saw the edge 
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