archeologist: lotus, why is the ocean blue?
me: because it's the only colour that is not there??   
archeologist: but you're blue, and you're there.   
me: maybe i'm not...! perhaps i'm a figment of this place’s imagination. and everyone else's, but yours...do u have an answer to that question? about the water? maybe a lot of see-through makes blue. maybe it is the same as the sky. the sky is blue too. but actually it isn't. in fact, it is clear too. and many clears make a very, very huge blue. that should be called bloo. both the sky and the ocean are big and bloo. there has to be something there....there has to be.
archeologist: 'maybe i'm not...! perhaps i'm a figment of this place’s imagination. and everyone else's, but yours...'  i don't fully understand the matrix, yet, but there has been of late several dimensions in terms on long and short time which allow me to be much less reactionary and judgemental. i keep looking, though, and wondering but don't know enough yet. ‘do you have an answer to that question? about the water? maybe a lot of clear makes blue. like the sky. in fact the sky is no colour, it's clear too. but many clears seem to look blue.’ -  it's the type of question which can be answered in many ways. a dissertation beyond what it really is to the point of simply not easily being a relatable point. maybe there exists a reflection between the oceans and the sky and it is the time between them that holds the color blue in a wave of unending, somewhat melancholy sheering that allows us to perceive it. though it exists whether or not we do. if you stack glass sheets upon one another, the light maybe reflects blue when shaped in a ball under the same stacking angles of such a prism. i wish to know more and hold seeking as a subroutine to my conscious existence.
me: maybe one day you will know enough to inform me also..? is why i like your mind, archeologist. ever excavating. how are things going in your sphere? 
are you in a desert? 
are you in the o
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maybe they'll bring back the feature where we can move pieces between different books(without losing comments, etc)! yippee! i have been wanting that so badly!
seasofme commented on Miutopia - Sea dreams

oh my goodness...! the melancholy in this is nearly too much. it's as if the speaker is waiting for something. something they had a glimpse of some time. a longing. but in the mean time, working at the beach bar serving. and waiting, because it will, it will come. this is so haunting. thank you so much for the dedication! mwah!