I'm Alice. I'm a University student by day, and a writer by night. I love telling stories, both with art and with words. I've been drawing for longer than I have been writing, but both have a special place in my heart.

During the months of January and June, I'm usually unavailable, due to excessive studying. Please leave a message. I'll get back to you shortly.

The rest of the time, I spend writing, reading and sleeping in class. My favourite genres are Fantasy, Romance and Historical Fiction, though I can also appreciate a good Science Fiction.

I run the @FrozenInTime account together with @SissaRomanova . We organise some great HF short story contests (when we have time).

I also design book covers and do character art, so if you're interested, have a look at my website.

All feedback is greatly appreciated; the more honest, the better.

- Alice.

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Alice_Iceflower commented on A Viking's Catch - Chapter One

I'll send you a message with some names and resources to look at (otherwise I'll spam your comments full).

And yes they had windows (usually very few though), just without anything in them, with shutters to close them if it was cold. You can imagine the windows (and doors) were rather small, to keep the warmth inside.

People weren't usually so poor they'd die of starvation before reaching the next village or city. Farmers and fishermen are strong. I also doubt the Vikings raided that much that all the surrounding towns were destroyed. And there's always the more inland towns.
Killing yourself is not done. It's one of the worst sins ever.
Why did they let the women and children stay, if they knew they stood little chance?

And, this is just a personal thing, but perhaps you could tone down the description of Clary. Or maybe focus on other things than her perfect hair and figure, instead describe things that add to her personality.

I said it already, but their speech sounds very unnatural. "Nay", "Mayhap". Also, I think it'd help if you named other townspeople. As it is, Clary is the only one in her town with a name.

By the time a ship is close enough to see the look on the face of someone on board, I believe you're a bit too late to get away safely, unless they let you and you ran really really fast. (I think it's weird how unworried she is at this. Makes her seem stupid, and makes it hard for me to like her).

If you're going to keep Welshmen, consider adding bows. The Welsh were rather legendary archers.

The fight feels odd. I can't pinpoint what's wrong with it, but it doesn't feel dangerous, or horrifying or chaotic. It's odd that their leader wouldn't be fighting with them from the start, especially against lesser skilled opponents.

Better stop now. Getting close to the world limit, lol. (I warned you about ranting). Don't feel the need to change everything I remarked on. I tend to just write everything that pops into my head.
Alice_Iceflower commented on A Viking's Catch - Chapter One

A historical romance set in Wales and Norway sounds perfect. I like the concept, but it doesn't feel very historical to me. Especially the name Clary Beckett. It doesn't sound Welsh at all. And the way they speak feels so forced and formal. They're only townspeople from rural Wales, right?

I do find myself asking quite a bit of questions, though. How can Clary understand Norse (when he tells his men to kill everyone)? How does *he* speak Welsh, when Wales wasn't exactly a common Norse trading place (unlike Ireland)? Why isn't she more upset about her father, and her whole village, everyone she ever knew, being killed by this man? Is she really going to fall in love with him, after what he did here?

I'm probably ranting, so I'm going to stop before I dump a history book in here...
Alice_Iceflower commented on A Witchling's Rites - Burn or Flee

So, something occurred to me. When she mentions not having her veil, shouldn't she be more worried about the fact that she's wearing the school uniform? I mean, he'd see right away she was a student then, and a student in a Professor's house at night...

And well, great chapter as always. Sorry for not commenting more often, but it's harder when I've already said all that's on my mind :) (That, and I guess I'm not really the praise-showering rind of reader, lol. But you knew that. More of a frustration-showering kind.)

Either way, I don't say it enough, but I really really love this story. I think it's my favourite of yours so far, especially considering and anticipating what's to come... Really, I wish I was the one who came up with this story (but then it'd probably never get written, so maybe it's best that you did).