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Hi! :D my name is Sam but my friends call me Z :P if u wanna kno sumthing bout me THEN ASK! It's kinda creepy to look at someone's bio just to find out sumthing bout them. xD so don't b shy to ask me some questions :D
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@StellaPurple yayyyyy! Haha dayum grl now u gots me hooked on this story xD
⚜ The Creatures Series ⚜

@StellaPurple it is AMAZING!!!! I'm sorta curious as to what happened to that vamp dude who has an evil twin.... Is he gunna come back and try to...
⚜ The Creatures Series ⚜

Can't wait for the next upload :D!!!! Amazing story line do far :)
Good Girls Don't Bite

Awh, I hope she didn't die :(
⚜ The Creatures Series ⚜

An amazing chapter as always! :D
⚜ The Creatures Series ⚜