A 14 year-old trying to make his way in the world! I am insane, wild, crazy, etc., etc., you get the point. =D If I start flirting with you...just...that's how I roll =) 

I'm a 2nd degree black belt in Okinawa Shorin-Ryu, so if you ever have somebody who needs to be eliminated, call me up and I'll serve as your personal assassin, mercenary, or bounty hunter. I also hope to train an army of monsters, animals, and mythological creatures to do this job for me in the future.

 I can talk to animals too. 

So, I am German/Italian/French/Spanish/White, Puerto Rican/Latino, Taino/Cherokee/Native American, Egyptian/Black, so pretty much everything but Asian =(

I love fantasy, science fiction, animal, vampire, and werewolf stories (I mean, who doesn't?!). Yeah, i can talk to animals also. 

I also adore anime and manga. =) 

I like to listen to hardstyle, rave music, dubstep, techno music, plena, bomba, reggaeton, pop, rock, hip-hop/rap, and pretty much any kind of music except some country and some classical. Did I mention that I can talk to animals. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about me, so please go and read my stories now! Be sure to comment and/or vote!


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Kingdom of the Gods: Mythical Madness

Social data: 45.8K reads. 593 votes. 54 comments.

Description: Gods. Monsters. Fairytale creatures from myths and legends. And one kid, Max O'Connor, needs to deal with each of these threats. 3 renegade deities have gotten loose and are wreaking havoc across the world, and it's up to Max and his friends Jack, P...


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Kingdom of the Gods: Godkiller (Sequel to Mythical Madness)

Kingdom of the Gods: Godkiller (Sequel to Mythical Madness)

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Just a Treasure (The Tale of a Knight, a Ninja, and a Pirate)

Just a Treasure (The Tale of a Knight, a Ninja, and a Pirate)

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Twilight Wings: A Supernatural Romance/Action

Twilight Wings: A Supernatural Romance/Action

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Spirit Wolves: A Vampire-Werewolf Love Story

Spirit Wolves: A Vampire-Werewolf Love Story

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Sara Darkfire, a werewolf from the Shadowclaw clan, believes that she has found her mate. There's only o...


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