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We're all mad here, but usually all the best people are
I live in a world where I can write perfect conversations that go the way I want them to
I want to photograph the sky
Jack of all trades, master of none

I don't listen to music, I sing to it.
I like acapella, country, pop, and rock.
I'm in 10th grade.
I'm a complete Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, Disney, Pixar, Pitch Perfect, and AVPM nerd.
If you give me freshly sharpened crayons, I'll color everything in sight.
Me and my brother blurt out things only we understand.
Puppies are life.
I play tennis. And air hockey. And I like to think I'm awesome at pool.
I prefer the summer, but I can handle the winter a lot better. Does that make sense?
If you give me orange or lemon flavored anything, I will most likely chuck it across the room.
Want your hair braided? Ask someone else. I suck with hair. And nails.
I'm going to be a film director/writer.
I'm an early bird and a night owl.
I'm fluent in Songs, Sarcasm, and Movie Quotes. These are languages, people.

Superhero: Captain America/Iron Man/Spiderman
Color: Sky Blue
Male Singer: Scott Hoying
Female Singer: Christina Grimmie
Band: Neon Trees/Maroon 5
Food: Chocolate Covered Strawberries/Guacamole/Red Robin's Honey Mustard
Candy: Jelly Belly Jelly Beans/Peanut M&Ms
Candy Bar: Payday
Season: Autumn
TV Show: Drake and Josh
Book: Divergent
Actress: Emma Watson
Actor: Josh Hutcherson
Book Character: Uriah & Tobias
TV Character: Josh Nichols
Movie Character: Ron Weasley

"Be brave." "I like to observe people." "Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up." "I want to be brave and I want to be selfless, intelligent and honest and kind." -Tobias

“And I provide much-needed eye candy.” -Uriah

"There's no need to call me 'sir,' Professor." -Harry

""Remember, we're madly in love, so it's alright to kiss me anytime you feel like it." -Peeta

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Vampire #185
5 parts / 11 pages, updated Apr 18, 2014PG-13
“Fuck,” I whisper, shutting my eyes and clunking my head to the door. “Where were you going, Scar?” Ace breathes, smirking like he’s been dying to do this all morning. Mig... read more
1,229 reads votes 135 comments 33
Itty Bitty Stories

Itty Bitty Stories

50 parts / 250 pages, updated Apr 06, 2014RCompleted
These are all little itty bitty stories that are just here to make you happy. They never end; I just keep posting and posting these ideas that pop into my head or dream... read more
298,202 reads votes 4,643 comments 646
The Jersey Girl

The Jersey Girl

33 parts / 68 pages, updated Jan 03, 2014PG-13Completed
'Scene doesn’t even acknowledge that Angelica, his girlfriend of two years, is in the room, watching us make out against my fake boyfriend’s kitchen wall. Wow, my life is... read more
129,762 reads votes 2,858 comments 263
Surrounded By Smirks

Surrounded By Smirks

20 parts / 33 pages, updated Nov 10, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
“What the hell…?” Both of us freeze in what we’re doing, her hand still griping at my hair and my foot smooched into her cheek. “Ha…ha…Tyler…” Tyler stares at us in... read more
93,511 reads votes 3,261 comments 252
You're Not My Flavor

You're Not My Flavor

25 parts / 48 pages, updated Jul 12, 2013PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
**Sequel to Bite Me** "So, here I am, working as an island and hotel resort manager, without a shirt, skipping down the hallways towards the elevator. Isn’t li... read more
460,635 reads votes 9,029 comments 1,626
Being Bitten

Being Bitten

21 parts / 78 pages, updated Oct 14, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
Juliette is a human. Your typical quiet girl, the one who's always listening to music and blocking herself out of the world. Romeo is a werewolf. He's your typical popular pl... read more
230,534 reads votes 5,231 comments 518
She Ran

She Ran

1 page, updated Oct 12, 2012PGCompleted
3,085 reads votes 111 comments 17
I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up To No Good

I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up To No Good

10 parts / 19 pages, updated Jul 13, 2012PG-13Completed
It’s 3:23 in the morning. I’m sitting in my bed with a large jar of melted marshmallows. Ryder’s suppose to be here in ten minutes with a large... read more
63,173 reads votes 1,549 comments 165
Hey, Cupcake

Hey, Cupcake

11 parts / 24 pages, updated Jun 10, 2012PG-13Completed
He was her best friend. She was his. He moved away. She forgot for four years. He came back four years later. Things have changed, cupcake.
130,435 reads votes 2,874 comments 261
Bite Me

Bite Me

42 parts / 87 pages, updated Nov 12, 2011PG-13PicturesCompleted
Living with a hot boy is fine. Living with five hot boys is hard. Living with five hot brothers is tough. Being captured by five hot vampire brothers takes the cake. Nora Holt... read more
4,261,656 reads votes 55,559 comments 3,659

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