There are dozens of music preferences that I could put down, but there's honestly too many.
      Stuff you don't need to know but I'm listing off because I can. >.<
      1.  I love to read and watch tv shows.
      2. I'm in love... with Ed Sheeran. (Muhahahaha)
      3.  I've noticed that I have taken a liking towards awesome people lately.
      4.  I listen to music while doing chores, on tumblr, on facebook, on twitter, working on homework, while writing, while studying, and- wait, can I stop here and just say everything?
      5.  The smell of Banana nut muffins makes me nauseous, but they taste delicious. :p
      6.  I hate hypocrites, but sometimes I'm a huge hypocrite.  (Hey! Everybody has to admit it someday.)
      7.  Uh, I have a journal but I don't write about life or even random stuff it's just filled with quotes.
      8.  I like werewolf stories a little (okay a lot:p) bit too much.
      9.  With some romance stories, I just have to stop and read a different book because they just get too romantic, I guess.  (One of my friends said I was being crazy and that there's hardly anything romantic in those books but she's REALLY into romantic books, so...)
      10.  I'm not a very productive person.  I procrastinate so much, it's not even funny anymore.  If I was given 2 hours to prepare for a test, even if they handed me the exact questions that would be on the test, I would spend most of that time preparing to prepare.  (It's just plain sad now.)
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