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Description: After the war, London is a mess. Packs are battling it out for dominance in the streets, wolves are killing each other in illegal fight clubs. The Royals are being murdered. All Juliet wants to do is forget—forget Sebastien, forget the war, forg...

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"Boredom is a dangerous aphrodisiac..." Sheltered university student Lily Roseau is desperate to escape...

News, Info, Etc.

News, Info, Etc.

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A Beautiful Torment

A Beautiful Torment

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Isabel Devane finds her fate irrevocably entwined with a boy whose secrets are more dangerous than most...

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Im so lost here! HELP! Where can I read Wildfire or Nightfire ? First, I'm still in Wildfire idk what is Nightfire .-. And then Strays? Like what is that? I'm so lost idk what happened lol 
okay, can I just say I love you and that your books are perfection? Well at least ABT is and I am sure the rest are too. Honestly I just want to read everything and anything you write now. Hahahaha big fan over here. As soon as I started reading ABT I knew I was a goner.
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Randomly dropping into say hello and that I hope you're having a rocking time with whatever you're doing! =D

That is all! *flies away*