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Description: After the war, London is a mess. Packs are battling it out for dominance in the streets, wolves are killing each other in illegal fight dens. The Royals are being murdered. All Juliet wants to do is forget—forget Sebastien, forget the war, forge...

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Virtue (Coming @ An Unknown Time)

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"Boredom is a dangerous aphrodisiac..." Sheltered university student Lily Roseau is desperate to escape...

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News, Info, Etc.

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Hey guys!

New Strays chapter should be along soon (in the next few days, hopefully - although don't hold me to it). I've also re-written chapter 10 so while you're waiting, please please go back and read it. I've altered it to include a sub plot I need later. 

I'll get around to answering comments & questions as soon as this chapter is finished, and thankies for being so patient <3
Hello dear!!! Since I'm obsessing over Strays at the moment I've found a song that really made me think of your lovely story. I don't know if you might have heard it before? Anyways, I thought I'd share it and let you know that your writing is very inspiring!

The song I'm talking about is this one; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucFHDxhCVwE Some Florence and the machine is never wrong. :D
JamieMc posted a message to AuRevoirSimone
Hello Keeves! Just popping into say hello! Hope you're doing well and don't perry about Strays! ^_^ We'll be patient and just post when you 're happy with it! It's  your book so do what you need to do!
tanya80 posted a message to AuRevoirSimone
@AuRevoirSimone..Hello...I just wanted say that I absolutely love your work. Your stories are amazing and like that they aren'u8i You'llt cliche . Congratulations on Drain Me bieng published. Will we be hearing anything on Chain Me soon?
The next update on Strays will probably be a while. I'm super stressed about a plot line in it right now and I need to rewrite 7 or so pre-written chapters (starting with the next update) so until I actually know what I'm doing, I won't be posting. 

Why do I always have to make my plots so frickin complicated? *smh*