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Description: After the war, London is a mess. Packs are battling it out for dominance in the streets, wolves are killing each other in illegal fight dens. The Royals are being murdered. All Juliet wants to do is forget—forget Sebastien, forget the war, forget...


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A Beautiful Torment

A Beautiful Torment

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Isabel Devane finds her fate irrevocably entwined with a boy whose secrets are more dangerous than most...



6.9K 350 58

Rose Sweeney is brilliant. There isn't a spell she can't memorise or a potion she can't identify, but i...



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Random excerpts, outtakes, some R-Rated content & possible short stories.

Virtue (Coming @ An Unknown Time)

Virtue (Coming @ An Unknown Time)

24.2K 493 64

"Boredom is a dangerous aphrodisiac..." Sheltered university student Lily Roseau is desperate to escape...

Hey!!! Thank you SO much for following me!!!! You don't know how much it means to me xD it made my day seeing 2 of my fav Wattpad Authors/writers had followed me! You are an incredible writer and I love your stories! They're an emotional, action-packed thrill-ride I can't seem to get enough of! I'm a dedicated follower of your work-new and old! :D you'll go places, I can totally seeing you becoming a great author one day! ^_^ 

If you ever DO find yourself with the free-time, I hope you can read my stories some time (but you don't have to! I'm not gonna advertise my stories like someone who wants attention or anything...I'm fine with just the fact that you've maybe looked me up and actually taken the time to press that follow button) I hope to improve my writing so I take advice where I can get it...it's always good to get constructive criticism from anyone with lots of experience! Just don't feel pressured; I'm just happy you've chosen to follow me. Thank you again--you rock! ;D

Good luck with your stories!! Can't wait to see what other awesome books you have in store for the Wattpad community (:

Hey everyone! 

I feel like every time I disappear for RL stuff, wattpad has a makeover, lol. I don't even know how to work the story view anymore. I think I might be developing technophobia haha!

Just a quick update on what's going on story wise with me:

1. I've lost a bit of my mojo with Strays. I went in the wrong direction and trying to backtrack with my unedited chapters is a pain in the butt. Why is it so hard to give yourself free reign to go as dark as you want?

2. All said darkness seems to be pouring into Virtue, which will probably make you all run in the opposite direction. 

3. As most of you know by now I am part of a writing group (with @Lydia161290, @Lana_sky @ch4rmed & @ImogenaryThings) known collectively as Malice. Along with the vault, we've started a secret VIP Malice group where you can get sneak peeks before everyone else and chat with us and discuss things with us like books, or things you want to see from us. We love you guys and we're so humbled and astounded by the support you've given us so far. We want to make this as fun for you guys as possible and keep you reading ;) 

You can ask to join here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/1555601768038093/ One of us is almost always online so you'll be approved right away and then you can join in :) 

If you're new to our little family or you're just hearing about it now, just shoot me a message or you can skip over to my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/simonecolemanauthor . We have loads of exclusive content and sneak peeks at chapters for our books every month and loads of opportunities for you guys to win books and other cool swag and merch from our worlds.

Hope to talk to you soon <3
Please please please update Strays. I just reread the chapters you've posted and it is so suspenseful and well-planned and engaging. I hope you continue with it. 
Hey guys!!

So my super awesome soulmate writer friend @ch4rmed (otherwise known as Mira Toria) published her first novel, Almost Loved, yesterday!! I'm so proud of her and to celebrate, we're having a party on facebook.

If you want to tag along, we'll be giving away awesome prizes from some brilliant writers. The party will run all day so even if you only have an hour, do come back and show Mira some love!! 

Hope to see you there! <3

Idk if it was you or @Lana_sky  who wrote the book, but I miss that story about that witch who is kidnapped by this vampire king and she kept prisoner unless she takes off the curse that was put on a witch from her coven for falling in love with a vampire. Yeah that story was the bomb and I'm going through withdrawals because I can't find it anywhere!