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Description: After the war, London is a mess. Packs are battling it out for dominance in the streets, wolves are killing each other in illegal fight dens. The Royals are being murdered. All Juliet wants to do is forget—forget Sebastien, forget the war, forge...

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"Boredom is a dangerous aphrodisiac..." Sheltered university student Lily Roseau is desperate to escape...

News, Info, Etc.

News, Info, Etc.

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A Beautiful Torment

A Beautiful Torment

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Isabel Devane finds her fate irrevocably entwined with a boy whose secrets are more dangerous than most...

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amsihere posted a message to AuRevoirSimone
I am emotionally and physically and mentally drained. the newsletter was amazing. STRAYS. oh gosh maybe this is what it feels like to be a junkie and getting your fix.OH MY GOSHHHHH
*falls down at your feet and curls up and cries* submitting to your awesome power of writing.
i mean i LOVED the chapters and i'd gush more but like spoilers for people who havent read it (and SHOULD because its AMAZING)
michael and juliet will get sexytime, its the only thing i'm sure about :p, its inevitable with all the tension which makes my leg muscles get cramped up. your writing is so intense and GOOD and UGH SO GOOD I JUST. its a match made in heaven :')
Some people crave ice-cream. I, apparently, crave Originals fanfiction.

Have any of you guys read any good Davina/Kol fanfiction? I will love you forever if you send me some!! Please!!!! *puppy dog eyes*