My name is Gwen Cole and I'm a country girl now living in the city. I play Xbox and love Jesus. I don’t like the sun, but try to go outside everyday despite that. Some books I write are about cyborgs, time travelers, and the occasional post-apocalyptic cowboy.

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Description: When Sam meets a boy on a subway, she never thought anything of it. Until he starts appearing in the most unlikely of places. Literally.

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Invisible Me

Invisible Me

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Sometimes in life you're invisible, and sometimes you don't have the courage to speak. Sometimes it happ...

Hey! I just finished reading your work and I would just want to say that.. I SUPER LOVE YOUR STORY 'INVISIBLE ME' and like SUPER!!! HAHA, So keep up the amazing work! Love yah! <3
You're amazing! I'm new to Wattpad and you're the best writer so far! Loved Invisible Me!! Best short story everrr!!! Keep up your amazing work, I expect wonderful things!
are you still pursuing  publishing Sunlight cause I have to tell you I really enjoyed reading that when you had it up. I believe I have read it about 10 times and have enjoyed the story each and every read. Here's hoping.
I've just read Windswept for 97525453145 times already and I just love the chemistry of the plot and of Reid and Sam! Can't get enough of that free falling feeling of drifting.. especially the ending.. Wow. I really hope there's a sequel, no pressure or anything but I would just explode if there was one!! :)
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heyah i really buzzed out when sam n reid drifted to hawkes bay nz cause i live there, even more crazy im a cook islander n they just drifted there to get warm, massive alright
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I found you a long time ago and started reading 'Windswept' but because i have this thing about not reading books that aren't finished... I let it go. I recently re-found it and finished it today and I just wanted to tell you that I thought it was really great. Yes it had the occasional grammar mistake or missed word here and there but it never detracted from the story. So I just wanted to tell you that i think you're really talented and to keep up the good work. :D