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I currently have only one book and one short story posted while I try to query my current project in hopes of a future in the publishing world. I'll do my best to keep you guys updated with any new developments. :)





My sister (check her books out)!!




Paranormal #3 / Fantasy #5
33 parts / 95 pages, updated May 03, 2013PGPicturesCompleted
When Sam meets a boy on a subway, she never thought anything of it. Until he starts appearing in the most unlikely of places. Literally.
3,794,977 reads votes 52,476 comments 4,399
Invisible Me

Invisible Me

3 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 25, 2012GPicturesCompleted
Sometimes in life you're invisible, and sometimes you don't have the courage to speak. Sometimes it happens at the same time.
372,537 reads votes 8,548 comments 2,039
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Rose Song: A Retelling
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Time Is An Illusion
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