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I'm a regular on Wattpad, I read stories on here all the time and have finally....FINALLY decided to created myself an account. Some of my friends are already registered on here. Like The_Lotus_Flower, Lonewriter, YouMeTrilogy, and some others. I may be new but I'm not stupid, I know how to write a book. I as of now have finished a few but I only joined to try out for Watty Awards 2012. Since it had to be a book started after November last year I was in trouble. All my finished books were from a few years ago. Sadly I am a slow, efficient writer. I will finish the story.... But it may be delayed and slow getting there. My chapters are medium length and that's about it.

~I love dogs!! And Cats. I own two dogs!
~I have three older brothers, two Highschoolers, one collage.
~I am a gamer... Halo(All), FallOut New Vegas, Crisis 2, Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare.... Wow these are all M games and bad... Whoopsie. Haha but with brothers what else is in the house.
~I love reading, I always have a book and can finished up to a million in one day. 
~I hate Harry Potter. Sorry you Big fans out there but I think the story is lame and dragged out. It could have been bing bang boom, one or two books. I've read them all, seen the movies... Yuck.
~My favorite book on here has to be..... I like "Having Dinner With a Vampire, did I mention I'm a Vegetarian."
~I am a Vegetarian. Poor animals....
~My favorite Author on here is kristy1000
~I'm a girl, I forgot to mention that...

~My Watty Award book will be posted soon, I'm editing and decided whether to add a Prologue. I am right now getting my account set up and Fanning peoples... So FAN me!!!

My book is called      White Realm


White Realm

White Realm

4 pages, updated Jul 27, 2012PG-13
Realms are maybe the same people, changed, different personalities, different lives. But sometimes they are different altogether. The Zeth Realm, or the one we call "home... read more
4 reads votes 0 comments 0
What the Mirror Sees

What the Mirror Sees

1 page, updated May 04, 2012G
24 reads votes 2 comments 0

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Yeah, pretty much what everyone is saying, cool idea, but PARAGRAPHS!!! It will make it even better. and make sure Dialogue is placed right.
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