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Nobody really reads these things, so...

Call me Twix. I'll be around... sometimes.

First things first, I'm a Christian. That may put some people off, but I promise I don't bite.

I love all sorts of things. If you're curious, send me a message and I will reply to your questions to the best of my abilities. 

Constantly coming up with ideas, never writing them down. If I ever do post something, and you like it, let me know. I love feedback and will reply nine times out of ten. Usually ten times out of ten.

I don't do follow backs unless I know the person (online or in person) or I love their stories.

"People ask me when I start these projects, what is your theme? I haven’t the faintest idea. That’s why you’re writing the book, it seems to me, to find out. To me, it’s a journey. It’s an adventure. It’s traveling in a country you’ve never been in and everything is going to be new, and because of that, vivid. And don’t make up your mind too soon. Let it be an experience." – David McCullough


A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

21 parts / 34 pages, updated Sep 03, 2014Pictures
When Alexandrea dresses like a guy to take the place of her best friend, Alexander, on a blind date, she has no idea what she's getting herself into... or who the guy is she'll be dating.
7,700 reads votes 232 comments 249
(insert cleverly thought up title here)

(insert cleverly thought up title here)

4 pages, updated Oct 31, 2013
37 reads votes 2 comments 0


4 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 22, 2013
428 reads votes 11 comments 16
Remembering Me

Remembering Me

1 page, updated Nov 15, 2012
141 reads votes 15 comments 38


20 parts / 1 page, updated Mar 19, 2012PG-13Pictures
4,079 reads votes 135 comments 88
Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged

10 parts / 1 page, updated Mar 06, 2012PGPictures
1,136 reads votes 56 comments 23
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Talbot the demon eyed Shawn-pawn, master of making people forget him.
The Caged Bird

@Laurenblue13 I'm thinking of posting a new chapter. It's not very good, and it's pretty short, though. Thoughts?
A Crazy Little Thing Called...

Sorry, I meant to continue, but then a lot of things happened (i.e. moving, college, etc.) so I haven't had time to get back to it.
A Crazy Little Thing Called...

I am currently trying to figure out where I want the plot to go. In addition, college is starting back up, so it may be a while before I get this...
A Crazy Little Thing Called...

@xX_Anon_Xx I'm thinking of posting a quick chapter. Thoughts?
A Crazy Little Thing Called...