Hello. Name's Tegan, Riley Tegan. I write things. It's nice to meet you.

Your tears make me stronger, so prepare for that accordingly.

My name is a pseudonym. 



College sophomore.

Aspiring author and screenwriter.

Skilled procrastinator.

Professional fangirl.

Avid Netflix enthusiast. 

Currently running on sleepless nights and an intravenous caffeine drip. 

*Highest Noted Ranks*
- Toy Soldiers: Action (70), Watty Awards (380), Thriller (145)
- Playing God: Action (8), Thriller (8)
- The Helford Trials: Mystery/Thriller (453)
- The Caged Bird: Mystery/Thriller (434)
- Relying On Ben and Jerry: Watty Awards (547), Humor (625)
- When I Come Around: Teen Fiction (409), Humor (534)
- The Waiting Game: Short Story (347)
- Runaway: Adventure (315), Short Story (466)
- Extra: Read All About it: Other (640)
- Cillian & Quinton: Humor (472)
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The Caged Bird

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Description: They said we would be assassins or spies, and I became a spy. I create the stories that send the killers. I pull all of the information they need to get their man. I collect the blueprints and I lay the foundation. I am an intelligence officer with...

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This Christmas

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The Helford Trials

The Helford Trials

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My name is Jonathon DuPont, and these are my transcriptions of the Helford Trials. These are for privat...

Relying On Ben and Jerry

Relying On Ben and Jerry

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Aubrey dared her—and Lena never turned down a dare. When Lena moved away, two best friends hatched a pl...



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Bee and Charlie have a reason for running away, and they have two weeks. Two weeks of nothing but them...

exultancy posted a message to RileyTegan
I especially love your Helford books, I read them a while ago & I've just readded them to my library to re-read them. Your writing is amazing and I absolutely LOVE your work, you should have more reads to be honest. :)
Hey guys.

I'm sure you noticed I haven't been updating. Yeah, I suck. I know.

I promise that I am NOT giving up on these stories. I really am not. But life's been crazy with school, and I just found out that I'm going to LONDON next semester, which is amazing, and yeah. Just, a lot has been happening haha

I hope to start posting more during Camp NaNoWriMo next month, since I'll have to work hard to get that word count.

Thank you so much for your patience!

xo Riley

“Let’s go check out Winter,” I urged him, spinning around to grin up at him. “There should be a show soon. That dolphin is one awesome son of a bitch.”
@SweetWhisperer I'm from the Clearwater area. We worshiped that dolphin way before the movie lol ;D (It also goes to show how long ago this written, because it was when my area thought it was going to be a show and not a movie!)