Hello. Name's Tegan, Riley Tegan. I write things. It's nice to meet you.

Your tears make me stronger, so prepare for that accordingly.

My name is a pseudonym.



College junior.

Aspiring author and screenwriter.

Skilled procrastinator.

Avid Netflix enthusiast.

Currently running on sleepless nights and an intravenous caffeine drip.
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The Helford Trials

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Description: My name is Jonathon DuPont, and these are my transcriptions of the Helford Trials. These are for private record only.

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Some of you are probably wondering why I'm not updating lately, but I promise you I am writing. However, while it's not the works I should probably be finishing up for this site (yeah I know I'm horrible), it is still something that means a lot to me and relates back to all you lovely, patient people.
      I am currently undergoing rewrites for Toy Soldiers for potential future publication. New changes to the storyline, new characterization, the works. It's been my main project for the last couple of weeks, and I'm entirely excited about it. I'm already inching toward breaking 10k words.
      While I'm working on that, though, I promise I will also take time to get out chapters of my now-old Helford universe. I really, really do promise that.
      I just figured I would stop by and let you all know what is happening with me lately, since I have been so flaky. New ideas for Helford have left me practically giddy. I hope I can go through with publication sometime in the next couple of years, and I really think my old and loyal fans to the series will love the changes.
      Well, back off to writing! 
      xo Riley