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I've just deleted my old profile I've had for ages *cries softly*. Oh well...

Anyway guys, I bear exciting news! I'm ready to publish Book 1 of The Instinct Saga: Black Armor. I still need to decide on an updating schedule and such, but I have the first couple of chapters down and I have a clear and an exact path on where I'll be going with this series, so sit tight. I'm so excited! It's fantasy...of course, I personally can't stand most 'books' on Wattpad anymore because they're exactly the same to me. No originality! I know that there are fantasies here on Wattpad, but I've actually never read one so if you actually have an original plot and actually have unique characters, feel free to post a link on my message board. Go ahead!

Now, I personally don't mind if I don't get masses and masses of reads and votes on here because I know fantasy stories aren't exactly worshiped here, but a few comments here and there will actually be such a weight off my shoulders - to know that people actually like my story?! Yay! 

To wrap up, make sure you fan me or something so I can send a message when I finally have Black Armor up. It's should be up in the next few weeks for sure, I just want to get around 20 or so chapters of Book 1 done so I can upload them with a schedule. If you really don't want to fan me, just keep returning to my page in the next few weeks so you can see when I have Black Armor up :) 

Soooo excited! I hope you are too,

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