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I love getting lost in a story with strong characters and intriguing worlds. My love for writing started when I was knee high, though I didn't give myself the chance to become a writer until January 2011. Soul-sick from working for The Man, I decided to follow my dreams. It's been a very challenging path. In Summer/Fall 2011, I fell into a bad depression and couldn't return to the day job. I lost pretty much everything, except my husband and my pets. If not for the support of my sweet husband and my readers, I probably would've quit writing, too, but they kept encouraging me and providing feedback to make my stories even stronger.

Today, I am a full-time writer and have been for almost two years. It's an incredible feeling to know I now live the life I once dreamed of!

I release about eight to ten new books a year. My books are available from Amazon (all stores); Barnes and Noble, Apple (all stores), Kobo, Sony, and Smashwords. They include:

Paranormal Series:
Incubatti: "Zoey Rogue," "Zoey Avenger"
Rhyn Trilogy: "Katie's Hellion," "Katie's Hope," "Rhyn's Redemption"
War of Gods: "Damian's Oracle," "Damian's Assassin," "Damian's Immortal," "The Grey God"
Damian Eternal: "Xander's Chance," "The Black God"
Rhyn Eternal: "Gabriel's Hope," "Deidre's Death," "Darkyn's Mate"
Hidden Evil: "Hear No," "See No," "Speak No"

Young adult:
Voodoo Nights: "Song of the Cursed"
The Foretold: "Elle's Journey," "Shadow Rising"
Witchling Trilogy: "Dark Summer," "Autumn Storm," "Winter Fire," "Spring Rain"

New Adult:
Broken Beauty Serials

"Star Kissed:
"Kiera's Moon"
"Rebel Heart"

"Water Spell"
"The Warlord's Secret"

"A Demon's Desire"

"Maddy's Oasis"
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43 Published Works

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Darkyn's Mate (#3, Rhyn Eternal Series)

Social data: 22K reads. 809 votes. 24 comments.

Description: Caught between Fate and the Dark One ... Stuck in Hell, human-Deidre struggles to hold onto her hope that she can change the course of events that landed her as the mate of Darkyn, the Dark One. The chances of her leaving Hell plummet when the Dark...


Other Works by LizzyFord.
Cornered (erotic) (#7, 101 Nights)

Cornered (erotic) (#7, 101 Nights)

15.2K 619 12

Recommended for ages 18+ In the final serial of the exhilarating 101 Nights series, an American Cindere...

Mature Completed
Rhyn's Redemption (Book III, Rhyn Trilogy)

Rhyn's Redemption (Book III, Rhyn Trilogy)

30.4K 1.1K 40

Rhyn's life or Katie's? Katie and Rhyn are in a race against time to free Katie from the underworld, be...

Katie's Hope (Book II, Rhyn Trilogy)

Katie's Hope (Book II, Rhyn Trilogy)

25.9K 616 30

Death or Hell? Three weeks after leaving Rhyn, Katie learns the Immortals have no intention of letting...

"Katie's Hellion" (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy)

"Katie's Hellion" (Book I, Rhyn Trilogy)

92.9K 1.9K 107

The life of nineteen-year-old Katie rarely goes the way she wants. Just when she believes things can’t g...

ClaireMia posted a message to LizzyFord
I love ur books LizzyFord but it's painful when I can't get to read the complete series due to the sites they are been pasted on...... I'v read all ur books available here on wattpad and have a lot of unfinished stories, I'v lost count. 
JonathanGathers posted a message to LizzyFord
Hi, Lizzy. I guess I really kind of have three questions. One, how did you get people to read your stories, to attract those millions of readers and readers' votes?
      Two, what does it take to make "LizzyFord's Reading List"?
      And third, how did you get published?
      If you could answer those questions, I'd be really grateful.
cabens posted a message to LizzyFord
i kind like you already. you have a great mind and wide imagination, you are so cool. i really loved your stories. i hope someday your stories will be given a chance to become a movie. specially the "rhyn trilogy". :-)
cabens posted a message to LizzyFord
hey there lizzy i love reading ur stories, can i ask why is it that i can,t find "the underworld"? did u post it already.? my gosh i can't wait to read it i am so xcted. pls pls pls. tnx!