I've been writing for a long time now: for the challenge, for the fun, for the ability to create whatever and whenever. I've also been wrting for business purposes: For contracts, for teaching leadership and for advertising of businesses.

I have lived in many parts of the world and worked in all of them. The global experience is a tremendous benefit for writing and self growth.

The main character in my books - Bill Douglas, has been with me my entire life. Like a voice in my head. When lying on a beach in Spain, the voice telling me "there's a story here", or when flying in a small airplane the voice says "go on push it". Constant flow of ideas spoken to me by this guy just wanting to be set free :-) The book sets him free and brings him to life.

I joined Wattpad to read other people's stories and books and then decided to post some of my work. The one you are looking at now is part one of a never ending story and I look forward to having many of you read it, enjoy it and ask for more :-) Please, please VOTE and/or COMMENT. I will thrive on your feedback and produce more and better work!

I add a chapter regularly - and have a way to go with the story of Bill Douglas.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Hi everyone: - Apologies for delay in posting. Bill Douglas was on holiday past two weeks. He's back now and is nearly ready for a new chapter. I will post another note to give you all a head's up shortly.
Still seems like a lot of folks missed the new chapter because of the 'glitch' - so just a reminder to everyone that chapter 64 is up there. part 65 coming soon
Because of the rating error, the story was "hidden" on here. It has been released now, but not sure of it is on Mobile yet. Please let me know if you cant read this chapter on mobile and I will get it sorted out. The staff at Wattpad are tremendous.
Just posted chapter 64. Wattpad has rated it "R" although there is practically zero sexual content. I am looking into this issue.