I've been writing for a long time now: for the challenge, for the fun, for the ability to create whatever and whenever. I've also been wrting for business purposes: For contracts, for teaching leadership and for advertising of businesses.

I have lived in many parts of the world and worked in all of them. The global experience is a tremendous benefit for writing and self growth.

The main character in my books - Bill Douglas, has been with me my entire life. Like a voice in my head. When lying on a beach in Spain, the voice telling me "there's a story here", or when flying in a small airplane the voice says "go on push it". Constant flow of ideas spoken to me by this guy just wanting to be set free :-) The book sets him free and brings him to life.

I joined Wattpad to read other people's stories and books and then decided to post some of my work. The one you are looking at now is part one of a never ending story and I look forward to having many of you read it, enjoy it and ask for more :-) Please, please VOTE and/or COMMENT. I will thrive on your feedback and produce more and better work!

I add a chapter regularly - and have a way to go with the story of Bill Douglas.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Hello and I trust this finds you all well. I have heard that Consequences Unforeseen "vanished" for a few days due to an incorrect rating. So just a reminder that a new chapter was posted. Please check it our if somehow you missed it.
      My best to everyone, Doug

Thanks Anna and good question. I should perhaps have included explanation in the text. Although the bank had closed and swallowed the funds, Bill Douglas continued to be paid on a monthly basis. Indeed the Nakane house cost the employers close to $12,000 per month alone. Money to live on was NOT a problem. Thanks again for enjoying the book!
Hello everyone: Glad you are all still reading about Bill Douglas and asking for more! I appreciate every single read, like and comment! Please keep them coming.
      New part published a few minute ago. Next part will not be long in coming either, so please keep a look out for it.
      Sincerely thanks again,