I've been a writer since 1956. I've seen writing and publishing change a lot over the years. I look forward to exploring the ways Wattpad connects people to reading and writing, and may help give them confidence through feedback from readers.

My website is http://www.margaretatwood.ca/

The website for the Maddaddam series is http://yearoftheflood.com/

You can find the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MargaretAtwoodAuthor

You can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MargaretAtwood

You can find the Positron serial novel I'm writing at http://byliner.com/margaret-atwood

I am also an inventor and entrepreneur. Six years ago, the LongPen -- the first it's-really-your-signature in pen on paper, but remotely -- made its debut. It is now part of the services offered by Syngrafii.com; and is also the basis for a writer/creator/fan/reader service being built at http://www.fanado.com/. 

NEWEST NEWS:  The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, written with Naomi Alderman. You can find four episodes on her Wattpad page now!   http://www.wattpad.com/story/2426517-the-happy-zombie-sunrise-home

The new picture was taken by Cat Sparks at the Key West Literary Seminar on Speculative Fiction in 2012.
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Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest with Margaret Atwood

Social data: 15.6K reads. 34 votes. 57 comments.

Description: Margaret Atwood’s story “The Freeze-Dried Groom,” from her new collection Stone Mattress, leaves the reader with many tantalizing questions. How does it end? Will Sam be a killer or a victim? What are the other characters’ versions of events...

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THE FREEZE-DRIED GROOM (One of the Nine Tales in Stone Mattress)

THE FREEZE-DRIED GROOM (One of the Nine Tales in Stone Mattress)

36.8K 82 19

The Freeze-Dried Groom is one of the nine stories in Margaret Atwood's fantastic new collection Stone Ma...

MaddAddam Reading Group Guide

MaddAddam Reading Group Guide

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A reading group guide for MaddAddam.

Why I Wrote MaddAddam

Why I Wrote MaddAddam

18.1K 296 10

Why did you write MaddAddam, I’m sometimes asked?

The MaddAddam Trilogy: The Story So Far

The MaddAddam Trilogy: The Story So Far

2K 40 2

Bringing together "Oryx and Crake" and "The Year of the Flood," this thrilling conclusion to Margaret At...

Happy birthday Margaret Atwood! This is interesting, I was reading "Alias Grace" today for my ISU (Independent Study Unit). I also have "The Robber Bride" checked out.
I read The Blind Assassin a few years ago and it really inspired me. I'm a writer and a feminist and you've always been a huge inspiration to me, so thank you :)
Hi, Margaret! I'm a Wattpad newbie. While trying to surf for info about it, I stumbled upon your account. That turned me into a convert. You are amazing.! You are a big inspiration!  I've been an English language and literature teacher most of my adult life. I like it very much that you have a nurturing attitude toward young writers. Yes, Wattpad is like a big lounge where professional and young writers as well as teachers can chat and offer encouragement to one another. Cheers!