I've been a writer since 1956. I've seen writing and publishing change a lot over the years. I look forward to exploring the ways Wattpad connects people to reading and writing, and may help give them confidence through feedback from readers.

My website is http://www.margaretatwood.ca/

The website for the Maddaddam series is http://yearoftheflood.com/

You can find the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MargaretAtwoodAuthor

You can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MargaretAtwood

You can find the Positron serial novel I'm writing at http://byliner.com/margaret-atwood

I am also an inventor and entrepreneur. Six years ago, the LongPen -- the first it's-really-your-signature in pen on paper, but remotely -- made its debut. It is now part of the services offered by Syngrafii.com; and is also the basis for a writer/creator/fan/reader service being built at http://www.fanado.com/.

NEWEST NEWS: The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, written with Naomi Alderman. You can find four episodes on her Wattpad page now! http://www.wattpad.com/story/2426517-the-happy-zombie-sunrise-home

The new picture was taken by Cat Sparks at the Key West Literary Seminar on Speculative Fiction in 2012.
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Future Library by Margaret Atwood

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Description: "As a child, I was one of those who buried treasures in jars, with the idea that someone, some day, might come along and dig them up. I found similar things while digging in the various gardens I have made: old nails, old medicine bottles, fragments...

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Freeze-Dried Fiction Winner - Sister of the Bride by Jennifer Cooreman

Freeze-Dried Fiction Winner - Sister of the Bride by Jennifer Cooreman

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Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest with Margaret Atwood

Freeze-Dried Fiction Contest with Margaret Atwood

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THE FREEZE-DRIED GROOM (One of the Nine Tales in Stone Mattress)

THE FREEZE-DRIED GROOM (One of the Nine Tales in Stone Mattress)

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The Freeze-Dried Groom is one of the nine stories in Margaret Atwood's fantastic new collection Stone Ma...

MaddAddam Reading Group Guide

MaddAddam Reading Group Guide

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A reading group guide for MaddAddam.

Carlos332 posted a message to MargaretAtwood
Ms. Margaret, how are you? I am a huge fan. You've been very influential to me these past couple of years. I recently got back into writing. There was a long period of time where I stopped to seach for myself. In doing so, I experienced the world in the happy and dark times. It's been difficult and I have a lot of life yet to live, but I'm determined to turn things around. It would be a honor if you could read a poem I just posted onto my page. Just a poem, only one. We all have to start somewhere, right? Have an amazing day! 
If by any chance you're looking for a means of procrastination that doubles as literary charity...well,  I'm new to Wattpad, and have uploaded the first chapters of my book... Would be nice to think one of the views might be from Margaret Atwood!