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Hello person who happened to stumble across my page. My name? A mystery. Though you can call me Angel (don't call me Violet). I’m an eighteen-year-old girl who basically spends her free time lock up in her room, engaging in the magical world I like to call, the internet. 

Watching anime/listening to K-Pop on YouTube (I am Chinese), reading mangas on Mangahere, socializing on, reading/writing on Wattpad, and catching up on my favorite asian dramas on Viki are my daily drugs. They keep me sane from this mess-up world I call, my life. 

And then there’s college. The place that likes to destroy my happiness, and take my time away from all these wonderful things of mine. For eight months out of the year, my body, mind, and soul breathes graphic designer (and some other unmentionables). Sounds fun doesn’t it? Well it is - the designing part, not the learning part. 

Anyways enough about me and my boring life; no need to bore you to death. Feel free to message me though (that is if you’re interested in talking), I usually never message first. If I do, you must be special.

[In the process of publishing 'Facebook Crush?' Should be done July 2014]


My sisters <3 @SnoDiamond14 @1Blossom @Bluebird1695
Weirdo buddy of mine @musically_yours_2016
She’s cool @LetsHaveUnicorns
The best poetry writer ever o.o @xoNero
One of my first friends here :D @storylover11 
Awesome buddy! @trackrunner14
Mah brrrrother :3 @ShaneJDawson
We don’t talk much anymore, but she’s still my buddy! @greytears16
Rosie <3 @XxRose_
MINEEEE (kidding :P) @xxHenryxx
Big thanks to @Woundedangels for writing my old About Me! I'll always treasure it <3 (I have it saved hehe) Love you Danny!


Facebook Crush?

Facebook Crush?

Short Story #6 / Teen Fiction #37
14 parts / 17 pages, updated Apr 08, 2014GCompleted
(EDITING) (Based on real life events: meaning real life story!) My whole life changed on September tenth, when he accepted my friend request on Facebook; a popular socializ... read more
2,221,887 reads votes 43,317 comments 9,381
My Undercover Life (Slow Updates//At College)

My Undercover Life (Slow Updates//At College)

3 parts / 5 pages, updated Mar 28, 2014PG-13Video
(Spin off to 'My High School Life' and 'My College Life') *Can be read alone* Being a child actress and the 'face' of the Ace's fortune, Lily... read more
38,351 reads votes 1,568 comments 550
My College Life

My College Life

Humor #731
39 parts / 118 pages, updated Jan 14, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
(Side story to My High School Life) Meet John Ace, the hot shot at campus. With his killer looks, charming personality, and great wealth, he's got it all. Girls fall f... read more
6,391,767 reads votes 89,947 comments 15,154
Fallen Angel //On Hiatus until June 2014

Fallen Angel //On Hiatus until June 2014

2 pages, updated Dec 08, 2013PG-13
Makayla Diamond had always been a loner; a nobody. Not by choice, but by force. Outcast and bullied, the only friend she has is her twelve-year-old ... read more
14,570 reads votes 333 comments 198
Wattpad Infatuation?

Wattpad Infatuation?

22 parts / 53 pages, updated Aug 06, 2013PG-13Completed
-Sequel to Facebook Crush?- (Based on real life events: meaning real life story!) *SPOILER ALERT if you haven't read 'Facebook Crush?' yet* After the death of her l... read more
533,146 reads votes 19,484 comments 4,729
Blooming Iris

Blooming Iris

34 parts / 61 pages, updated Jun 27, 2013GPicturesCompleted
Iris had lost her twin brother and parents in a horrible car accident three months ago. Now she's homeless and 'mute' and has nobody, until one day she met a guy named Richar... read more
917,031 reads votes 15,766 comments 2,029
My High School Life

My High School Life

44 parts / 109 pages, updated Oct 29, 2012PGVideoPicturesCompleted
(EDITING) Meet Isabella Ace, a 300 pound girl who was voted the 'ugliest girl' at Woodway Prep; a school for the rich. Sick of all the bullies, mostly Thomas Reed, she ... read more
21,190,891 reads votes 196,146 comments 33,683
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