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As of right now, the story Murmurs of Deceit is being written by two authors. Upload schedule is random, but hopefully often due to being finished with school for the summer :)

We are two people. We are not currently using our real names, just sayin' so that no one asks anyway. We are both female, and are using this account to upload our book and read for the most part (:

Checkers will do the majority of the commenting, advertising and replying and such, whereas Snowy will probably be the main person doing the uploading and bits of editing to get it to the format that her OCD mind is okay with. 

About Snowy;
-typically the crazy blonde friend
-I have a love for most any music
-I will read most any genre of book
-I have a peculiar love for dancing even though I can't really dance

About Checkers;
-has a love for many TV shows (such as Lost, Supernatural, Charmed and Buffy)
-I love reading most any book
-generally the calm one
-had to basically be bribed to get our story put on here

PS: diss Harry Potter and die :D

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Murmurs of Deceit

Murmurs of Deceit

9 parts / 53 pages, updated Sep 13, 2012PG-13Pictures
Two races have been at each other’s throats for centuries, and continue to persist in a brutal war. No one knows for sure what incident caused the hatred, but there are ... read more
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Murmurs of Deceit

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Murmurs of Deceit

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