I've never really been able to explain the way I am but here I go. *sigh* 
Well, I love to write and I have so much in my head that writing has become my escape and I've come to enjoy every aspect of it. The passion when I write is what wakes me up in the morning and motivates me to stay up at night with new ideas. Even at 20, I'm still learning and, sorry, but I'm not ashamed to admit that. When I get a new idea, the characters pester me in my head to write their stories and although it's chaotic (ADHD), I love learning about them the most. They are the ones living the words in my story and I try my hardest to capture their essence. 
And what motivates me even more is when I get that thump in my heart when I see someone has posted a comment, that always makes my day. I pledge to try my hardest to post as many times as I can and put my heart into every chapter. =)

More About Me...?
-I love watching anime and reading manga
-Supernatural obsessed
-English major and Psychology minor
-I love sushi
-I don't eat meat (unless it's seafood)
-I'm allergic to over thirty different things (Categorized in plants, animals, food, etc.)
-I'd kill for some nutella if I wasn't allergic =(
-Favorite book (right now) has to be Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu
-I love all genres of music that range from typical American pop to Korean Pop
-I get chided for being too sarcastic -_-
-I'm done writing about myself
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Description: ***You must follow to read*** “AHHH!” I gasped, feeling his manhood suddenly thrust into me. It took me by surprise which pleased Ryan tremendously, his hips moving more brutally. He leaned down, his breath over my lips hesitantly before pullin...

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I couldn’t even react before the ball hit me in the head so hard I blacked out.
@xxEmptyPicturesxx I actually came up with this scene from when it happened to me when I was 8 at a pool party. So mean kid spiked an inflatable ball at me head on purpose. I didn't know I blacked out until I woke up, coughing up water onto the ground. Luckily, my cousins saw everything so one came and rescued me (apparently, no adults saw me sink) while my other cousin beat him up. :)
I had to start anew with Perfectly Broken. The program wouldn't allow me to unlock it and through another account, I saw that I couldn't read it as well although it said followers could read it, knowing you're frustrations. I'm so sorry I couldn't do it sooner.  So I posted them through a new story link. Sorry for the wait again.