Status: Sometimes it kills me to delete a story after I have finished it. I loved it and I finished it and it breaks my heart... (1 year ago)


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I love reading and writing like all the other people on here.

Things I love:
My friends
My family
Funny people
Having a good time

Things I hate:
People who feel sorry for themselves 24/7
Obvious spelling mistakes
Feeling alone

I plan on writing a story on here someday.

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I love that show and that song. Mason reminds me of Tate kind of
The Monster Inside Of My Bed

I knew he had it because I noticed his symptoms easily because I have type 1 diabetes.
Living with the Walker Boys...

I love that show!!
The Monster Inside Of My Bed

This is amazing! I love his speech it just makes me happy and makes lots of sense
The End of Summer

I seriously cannot wait for the sequel to come out!!!
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