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We all change
We all grow up
We all see highs and lows
We all have a past of old
And a future of the new
And one day

We all move on

This is my time to bid you all farewell.

It has been a hard decision to make but it is one I made. 

I learned alot. Gained love, appreciation, fans, friends and enemies.  I cried, laughed was happy and many times sad. That has been my journey on wattpad since November 2011.

Gaining 94 000 fans, over 13 million reads on my 5 main books...was something I never fathomed to have.

But this part of my life is over

Some may feel cheated and betrayed and some wull be happy and full of glee.  To the ones who feel hurt I am sorry but this is something I must do for me. To the ones full of glee, good luck with that, what you give is what you get in return; karma be a biatch.

To my friends, I love you.
To my edibles, you were my support, my rock, my kick up the rear and a blessing too.

Love you all. 

Queen Shazneem.



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Destined To Be His: Forthcoming Book

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Description: For Anabelle it had always been just her and her father. Now shes entering a world, she knew not exsisted. Secrets revealed now what will she do? Will she find out what happened to her mother? Who her mother is? Will the one shes destined to be with...

I've been a fan for a really long time and the fact that you are gone is so unreal to me I'll miss your stories and I'll support you through this decision (even though I don't want to but I will) have a great time outside of wattpad and live your life be free and most important of all Be Happy proud to be an Edible 
I have followed you for a long time, I loved and read almost every single book you've wrote. So I was surprised to see that your books weren't there and that you were saying goodbye. I'll wonder why you picked now to say goodbye, but we all have reasons. I'm going to miss your books but I hope for you success.
I was like totally speechless when I saw that your book is no longer available. It took me a lot of time to check your page and then I found out you already bid goodbye here in wattpad. I don't know what happened but do hope you will be successful on whatever you endeavor.
wow iam hurt a lot because I love your story and was waiting to end all your books but I still wish you luck in the step you want to take I will always remember you as the good writer you are
Thank you for sharing your stories with us! ^^
may the next step in your life makes you happy more than you have experience before. you will be forever one of my favorite authors.
i dont know what to say...but im really sad that youre leaving...ive been and read your stories since 2013 *sigh* I'll really miss you. Thank u for sharing your talent. </3
For what its worth thank you for writing all this great, sexy, hot stories that I've come to love. I'm a closet erotica reader and your stories are one of the fews i loved here in wattpad. Thank you. I'm heart broken to see you go but I know that a person must leave at some point and I guess this is yours. Never forget that we will always remember you and all the amazing stories you've written.. we love you!!!! T^T