My name is Sissa and I'm a 20-something-year-old girl from Brazil. I started writing when I was 17, and thank God I haven't stopped. 

I'm an English teacher and a Management  student. I love adventures and traveling. I live right in the heart of the Amazon forest, yet I don't have a monkey. I do have a boyfriend though,  @OliverMontenegroCoel  (the handsome young man in my background picture), which many say it's about the same thing. Just kidding. Monkeys don't get on my nerves so much :D

My goal is to write a bit of each genre. I've done a good share of Historical Fiction writing, my favourite genre. Gone through ChickLit, Poetry, Sci-Fi, Romance and Fantasy. If you happen to read any of my books, I hope you enjoy it. Do let me know! :)

If you wish to find me outside Wattpad, follow me:

♚ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/sissaromanova.on.wattpad
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♚ Tumblr: http://sissaromanova.tumblr.com/

You can also purchase my book "Reincarnation" on Amazon or Lulu:

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Thanks for stopping by! Don't be shy to drop me a message. I love making new friends! ♥


**I am the author os "The York Rose" and "Parallel Lines", but both books are now set on "Private" - follow me and hop to my "My Private Works" Reading List so you can read it.**

**I am afraid I do not take reading/following requests, so please do not post those on my profile - they will be ignored**

**In case you need help with Wattpad, or if you feel like talking, I can speak English, hablo Español, falo Português и говорю по-русски. So don't be shy**
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Maktub [NaNoWriMo 2014]

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Description: Writers are not from this world; they are beings from another planet who come to Earth to educate and entertain the humanity with stories from every corner of the universe. Sometimes, they adapt the tales to the earthly perspective for better unders...

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Hey, guys!

If you're in Miami, and you want to join us on the very last Wattpad Meet Up of the year, please confirm your presence in this Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/628531483923631/?context=create&previousaction=create&source=49&sid_create=3653810244

We'll have really cool stuff for anyone who shows up. So make sure you come say hi! 

Date: December 30th
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Where: Starbucks @Miami Springs

Hope to see you there!

- Sissa
What made you truly love writing? Was there a time after you started when you were like, maybe I would like to make more than just words on a screen? Or did you just automatically love it? I apologize as this was long, but I couldn't shorten it and say what I wanted  
At the same time 
<3 Meladee