*Who is LadyDawn & What makes her tick?:
I am a disabled, single, Mother & Witch.
I have two dogs, Apollo Golden Retriever & Princess Double Dapple, Deaf Mini Doxie.  My Golden Retriever is 3+YO & the Doxie is 2+YO
 My daughter, TammyLee just got married and is off running the country W her new husband trucking like her old mother did.  Being disabled & old, sucks! Being a writer & crazy is fun! Giggle 

*MaggieMae was my service dog that I just put down due to sickness and age. I miss you  girl

 *A little more about Me:
 I love to: write, cook, can my own food, sew & repair computers when I feel up to it & do paper crafts.
 I read stories about witches, dragons, werewolves, & vampires, & erotica, BUT... don't ask me to read yours, please. Read below about read requests
 I am a highly religious Solitary Pagan Witch... No, I am not Wiccan!!

 If, I read  your story, I,  VOTE & COMMENT on it to let you know what I think, please do the same when you read one of mine, it helps to make my stories better for you to read & me to be a better writer.

 Please do not ask me to read your story in my comments section. I will delete them! That is just plain rude! 

 Goddess Bless You & Keep You Safe In Her Loving Embrace.
 The Witches Rede: "An it harm none, do as thou wilt" Words to live by.  Blessed Be 
❄LadyDawn ❄

*1000 Fans 2-12-2014*
 There will be NO updates for, My Stories, for the near future due to heath reasons. I am so sorry for that.

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Check out@LuvlyLady1018 site here on Wattpad. She did all book covers & trailers for my stories
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