*Who is LadyDawn & What makes her tick?:
I am a disabled, single, Mother & Witch. I have a service dog, Apollo & a cute double dapple, deaf mini Doxie.  My Golden Retriever that is 3 Yo & the Doxie is almost 2Yo.
 My daughter, TammyLee is my caretaker. Being disabled & old, sucks! Being a writer & crazy is fun! Giggle 

*MaggieMae was my last service dog that was just put down due to sickness and age. I miss you  girl.

 *A little more about Me:
 I love to: write, cook, can my own food, sew & repair computers when I feel up to it.
 I read stories about witches, dragons, werewolves, & vampires, BUT... don't ask me to read yours, please. Read below about read requests
 I am a highly religious Solitary Pagan Witch

 If, I read  your story, I  VOTE, & COMMENT on it, just to let you know what I think, please do the same when you read one of mine, it helps to make my stories better for you to read & me to be a better writer.

 Please do not ask me to read your story in my comments section. I will delete them! That is just plain rude! I have a book especially made for that. Sorry, I am not taking read requests at this time!

 Goddess Bless You & May She Keep You Safe & in her loving embrace.
 The Witches Rede: "An it harm none, do as thou wilt" Words to live by.  Blessed Be 
❄LadyDawn ❄

*1000 Fans 2-12-2014*
 The update schedule for, My Stories is on, Fridays, be watching for them.  

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LadyDawn >>> POST YOUR STORIES HERE FOR ME TO READ Not taking more stores!<<<

LadyDawn >>> POST YOUR STORIES HERE FOR ME TO READ Not taking more stores!<<<

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The Beginning (RAPTURE Series Book #1)Editing Soon...

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Sorry, I have not been updating any of my stories as of late. Life has been getting in the way of my writing time. I hope to be back in full force by the first week in February. I really do miss writing and all my friends here on Wattpad. I hope y'all are doing well in this new year? See y'all in February my friends.
Love y'all.
HAPPY NEWY YEARS To all my fans. Let's hope this new year bring with it a bright and prosperous year for one and all. May all your books be best-sellers or break all your old records if not. May your days be bright and shining and fun; Nights so dark, y'all can sleep in peace. Know Love,  Laughter, Peace. & Contentment. Within yourself & one another. It is time for all the good people of earth to stop all our fighting and come together if for not better cause that for the children and because it is the right thing to do in this new year. The one best thing if you have small children you can do for them is to read to or with them. Teach them that books are their friends and Knowledge is power; not fighting and wars. 
With that being said; Y'all have a very Happy New Years each and every one of you.
All my love for this coming New Year my dear fans,
Blessed Be
It is that time of year again to wish each and every one of my fans a Merry Christmas, oh and I was so busy myself during Yule that I didn't get on a computer to wish y'all a very happy Yuleday, so, here it is belated. Happy Yuleday. Also, happy any other day y'all celebrate this holiday season. Sorry, I am not up on all the other ones this time of year, no disrespect to Y'all. It is all I can do to keep track of everything I do for my personal Yuletime and my family's Christmas celebrations. Hurry up New Year I am tired after a wedding and all this celebrating in the month of December. Yes you heard right. My daughter just got married the 13th od December too to add to the mayhem of the month. Hurry up January I need a rest. No new updates on my stories till then, again, sorry my dear fans. 
Haver a Merry and Happy Happy. Safely & see y'all back here in January. Hopfully restored and in a better shape that this frazzled body right now. Giggle.
Love Y'all Blessing and Bright Chear.