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Name Kyna Osuna
Location Yuma, Arizona
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My Currents:
Current Fav music: I'm really into Australian, Irish, and British bands right now. Gotta love them peoples with accents. lol
Current Fav People: People with accents. haha
Current Fav Food: Boca Chik'n Patties
(hell yeah to all the vegetarians and Vegans out there! (:)
Current Fav Drink: DR. PEPPER!!ll
Current Fav Movie: P.S. I Love You/Arthur
Current Fav Restaraunt: Applebees. Great memories there. *sigh*
Current Fav Story Type: Romance. I'm pretty sure it'll always be romance. ;D
Current Fav Sport: Football! Forever and Always!
Current Fav Sports Team: Raiders!! It'll be a past, present AND future Fav!!
If you want to know any other Favs tell me.

Now that that's done...
I LOVE Singing, Reading, Dancing, and being crazy!!!
After reading so many stories I've written some of my own, but I'm scared to post if they suck. lol
I'm thinking of posting some of the lyrics that I've been writing since forever,
maybe get some feedback?
I like meeting new people and making friends whereever I'm at,
so if you ever want to talk, just message me. :]

║██║♫ Paste this on 
║██║♫ your page if♫ 
║(O)║ ♫you love♫ 
╚══╝♫ music♫

|...............| Put this on your
|...............| page if you have
|............O| ever pushed a
|...............| door that said pull.

╔╗╔═╦╗ Put this on your site 
║╚╣║║╚╗If you like to laugh! XD 

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Lost Love

Lost Love

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 02, 2011PG
Josie lost the guy she fell in love with when he died. Now she's going to a boarding school across the country from where she lives and is hoping to get a fresh start.
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