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My name is Lilian Carmine. 
I'm the author of THE LOST BOYS TRILOGY published by RANDOM HOUSE.

'THE LOST BOYS TRILOGY' is about love, supernatural, music and friendship. Meet Joe Gray and her boys, while she embarks in adventures of a lifetime!

Book1: THE LOST BOYS (available for sale!)
Book2: THE LOST GIRL (available for sale!)
Book3: LOST & FOUND (release in March, 15th of 2015!) 
Book4: LOST IN TIME (2016)
Book5: Bad Luck (uploading at Wattpad!) #WIP

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Random House distributes all over the world. 
You CAN order a paperback copy at any of the links below:
The book depository ship to most of the world ;) 

*TLB can be found published and translated to Portugal, Brazil, Italy and Turkey. 
*TheLostBoys Trilogy is available also in e-book digital format for sale. 

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Fav quote: "You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you." Peter Pan.

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HAPPY WORLD BOOK DAY to all book lovers out there!
To add more to the celebration,  I just received news that the third book on the TLB trilogy: LOST AND FOUND,  will have his release advanced from April to March, 15th!! You can have TLB3 sooner, guys! \o/
You can Pre-order yours now! 
Have you guys seen the book cover yet? Well, here it is ->
Happy reading! <3
many hugs,
Lily x
I just got time to read the EPIC comments on my last chapter upload of ‪#‎BadLuck‬ today and oh my god! You guys are THE BEST!! Thank you so much for the feedback, it makes me so incredibly happy to know that things that I planned were validated and worked and when I say your comments means a lot to me, it's so true. You guys rock! <3
I'm also very happy that you are enjoying the story!! <3
And if you like BadLuck, tell your friends about it! 
Spread the word out, if you get one new person to read the book, you'll have good luck! #reversetherapy ;) 
many hugs,
Lily x
psssst. hey. you. yes. you. liliancarmine. I LOVE you. .3. Your writing is great. continue doin' what you're doin'
I'm watching and waiting. in a totally creepy way as well :) jk. I'm not THAT creepy.
Hi guys! 
A quick broadcast here to tell you all about how much I'm loving the book PAINLESS by my Wattpad writing pal Brittany Geragotelis​ AKA, @TheBookSlayer about a girl born with the inability to feel pain! Britt is a brilliant writer and a lovely lady; it was a pleasure getting to meet her at Wattpad HQ last year. If you're looking for a good read, and if you love kick-ass girl characters, you HAVE to check out this book! 
You can read it at Wattpad ->  http://w.tt/1tAYTCj 
or you can buy the book at:  http://amzn.to/19T4dPa #buythebook #supporttheauthor <3
Hi :) I'm reading your book The Lost Boys and I noticed that some things were formatted wrong. I don't mean to be intrusive or anything, but I just thought I'd let you know. First, some of the quotation marks aren't fitted to the sentence, meaning that they're positioned to face the opposite direction. Second (so far), I noticed that Tristan's gravestone say 1938-1950, which would only make him 12 when he died... Sorry if you find this rude! I just wanted you to know. 

P.S. Loving it so far!
New chapter upload of BAD LUCK!
~chap 11: Apologies~
“Fine. Whatever.” He muttered upset. “I was only trying to be nice to you and maybe be friends because you don’t seem to have many of them, but if you want to stay alone that bad, I won’t bother you anymore.” he said sharply and before he turned around he added a little jab as payback for his hurt feelings. “You know, you can’t blame people for calling you a pathetic loner, you try very hard to be one."