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My name is Lilian Carmine.
I'm the author of THE LOST BOYS TRILOGY published by RANDOM HOUSE.

'THE LOST BOYS TRILOGY' is about love, supernatural, music and friendship. Meet Joe Gray and her boys, while she embarks in adventures of a lifetime!

Book1: THE LOST BOYS (available for sale!)
Book2: THE LOST GIRL (available for sale!)
Book3: LOST & FOUND (available for sale!)
Book5: BAD LUCK (uploading at Wattpad!) #WIP

If you like my Lost Boys, buy the book & tell your friends!
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Random House distributes all over the world.
You CAN order a paperback copy at any of the links below:
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*TLB was published and translated to Portugal, Brazil, Italy and Turkey.
*TheLostBoys Trilogy is available also in e-book\digital format for sale.

TLB BLOG: http://liliancarmine.wordpress.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/LilyCarmine
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TLB ARTPRINTS for sale: http://liliancarmine.deviantart.com
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Fav quote: "You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you." Peter Pan.

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Bad Luck

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Description: “I am never ever getting a boyfriend! And that’s final.” Emilia Atkins is dead set on staying as far away from boys as she can. She has a happy life taking care of stray cats, working on a Pet store and saving as many injured animals she can get her...

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The Lost Boys (TLB1) *sample chapters*

The Lost Boys (TLB1) *sample chapters*

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'The Lost Boys is a story about the supernatural, about love, music and friendship. When Joey Gray first...

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Lost and Found (TLB3) *sample chapter*

Lost and Found (TLB3) *sample chapter*

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'Under the guise of going to a private retreat to write a new album with the Lost Boys, Joey is actually...

The Lost Girl (TLB2) *Sample chapter*

The Lost Girl (TLB2) *Sample chapter*

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'Joey and the Boys are back and on Tour! Between shows, interviews and promo events, Joe Gray and The Lo...



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I seriously am In love with "Bad Luck". I read it in a day going like. Man Im done I am screwed. I cant put it down! Ill b waiting for the next update like some crazy person lol. Im so lookin forward to it. 
      p.s I really love(d) when Lucky is (was) a cat.
Sorry for taking so long to upload, guys. I have been pretty busy lately here, working with some animation scripts for a couple projects with the incredible team from Birdo Studio of Animation (one of The Bests animation studios in Brazil!) that has taken some of my time, so I apologize for disappearing on you these last past weeks. The short animations are still in production but when they are ready, they will be broadcasted by EOne TV! How cool is that!?
      I have been also invited by Quanta Academy of Arts (one of The Top (if not The Top) Art schools in Brazil) to participate in a cartoon Album with a group of pretty amazing artists, and I just could NOT refuse to be a part of this project and to be amongst such a kick-ass group. Unfortunately this Album will be released only in Brazil (Portuguese), but for the Brazilian Lost Boys fans, you will be able to buy the Album and see my ‘Apokalypse 4!’ cartoon participation on it soon! 
      Keep tuned for more information on the Album release in my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/liliancarmine
      So this is why I’ve been so busy lately, I hope you can understand and forgive all the delay at uploading.
      New Bad Luck chapter coming soon! ;) Xx
My awesome wattpad friend and rocking lady @jenmariewilde, author of The Eva Series, has made a  kick ass Q&A video on You Tube -> Watch it here: https://youtu.be/Ox7TFk_qeck
      She says a lot of interesting things to writers and readers of Wattpad, so go check out her video and leave a like or a comment, to show her some support! Her books are awesome! Links to buy the books are on her profile page, easy to find ;) Xx
New chapter upload on #BADLUCK!!!
      ~chap 22: Temperamental~
      'He let out a string of foreign words that I couldn’t understand but sounded a lot like curses to me, before he stopped and heaved out a deep, long sigh filled with frustration, resignation and defeat.
      	“All right. Fine. I guess you win.” He said back in English. “I reckon I have to tell you, there’s no other way around this. You’ll keep blabbering about me until someone pays attention, and we can’t have that.”
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Just wanted to know that I bought all your books on Amazon. Money well worth spent. Words fail me about how much I enjoy your work. I was so happy to be able to read right from scratch and as you progress from chapter to chapter and book to book. I was a bit sad when it was finished on here, but now I have it in my own personal collection and can enjoy them as many times as I want. Your new story I've just started to read and what I've read, I too know that it will be just as great. Thank you for all your work.