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Hey everyone:)

I'm a Christian and believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is my savior.

Like so many others on this site I’m addicted to writing.
Other than writing my hobbies exist of horse riding and reading, though lately I really haven't had time to do either. I have a bit of an addiction to sushi and have no plans to go into rehab ;) In what little free time I now have, you can usually find me sitting at my laptop and typing away while muttering in one of three languages (four if you count the mumbo jumbo) and grumbling at my characters for once again taking my story and turning it into their own. 

So far I have posted the Dragon of Legend series, which consists of four books. I know they are pretty full of grammar errors. Please note that these are the uncut, unedited versions I have posted here. The first and most of the second book of my new series, Regona City, are posted. A third will follow when I'm done with the second.

Feel free to criticize over content when you read as it would be a great help, and also any mistakes you pick up in my later chapters and you feel will kill you if they aren't corrected :) However, do note that the DOL series is the rough, first draft written ages ago. I haven't uploaded the polished versions for various reasons.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then feel free to message me and I’ll be in touch. However, I do tend to respond to private messages a lot better than ones posted on my wall so you have been warned!

The cover for Regona City and all the DOL books was made by Bookcoverchick, so all credit goes to her.

I’ve also opened a profile on facebook for anyone from wattpad that wants to connect. I’m under the name Angelika Gabriele. You’ll see a picture of...well me, with the banner background of the DOL series. Feel free to send a friend request if you want. I don't bite, I promise.

I'm also not taking any reading requests at the moment due to not having the time.





Action #67 / Adventure #106
11 parts / 38 pages, updated Mar 23, 2014G
Working for E.C.H.O, an organization which does literally anything for high paying clients, Lucas has done more than…well the average teenager his age. From hacking into governmen... read more
35,041 reads votes 1,026 comments 784
Regona City: Flight (BK2)

Regona City: Flight (BK2)

24 parts / 109 pages, updated Feb 11, 2014GCompleted
The Falcons are ready to go, and they want it all. Sahara finds herself with more than she bargained for when her crew’s bluff calls on the unwanted attention of bo... read more
108,328 reads votes 4,157 comments 752
Regona City: The Creed (BK1)

Regona City: The Creed (BK1)

22 parts / 94 pages, updated May 27, 2013GCompleted
No one seemed to want the shy blonde who was always lost in her own world. Abandoned by her parents as an infant, Sahara grew up in a home for trouble teens not ... read more
68,173 reads votes 2,934 comments 486
Dragon of Legend; Fate (BK4)

Dragon of Legend; Fate (BK4)

34 parts / 176 pages, updated Jan 04, 2012GCompleted
Something is not quite right with the Rider of Legend. Something is terribly wrong. Yet when Akira refuses to admit this she faces the danger of becoming her own ... read more
739,020 reads votes 6,877 comments 1,656
Dragon of Legend; Deception (BK3)

Dragon of Legend; Deception (BK3)

38 parts / 166 pages, updated Feb 06, 2011GCompleted
500 years in the future, out of the ashes of her ancestor, a new black dragon has risen. Once again the Rider of Legend is called on upon to help and defeat t... read more
993,859 reads votes 8,250 comments 728
Dragon of Legend; A New Era (BK2)

Dragon of Legend; A New Era (BK2)

38 parts / 153 pages, updated Sep 04, 2010PGCompleted
A new challenge appears, a new battle begins. Once again the Rider of Legend must fight to save the lands, only this time she finds herself five hundred years in the future.
3,087,344 reads votes 11,850 comments 821
Dragon of Legend; Destiny (BK1)

Dragon of Legend; Destiny (BK1)

36 parts / 136 pages, updated Jul 23, 2010PGCompleted
Facing the most powerful man in the Lands armed with nothing but a sword and the hope that she could prevail, was not the direction Akira saw her life going in.... read more
6,686,272 reads votes 18,484 comments 1,507

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