Hi there! My name's Demetra and I take pride in what I write! Most of what I write is intended for the public eye (so I post it here) but then I decide to just keep going just to entertain myself! (Ex: Forever Lost: My voice changed as I was writing the story so the first half isn't quite as well done as the second half.)

I used to be a hardcore Romance writer, but growing up, I found a much more interesting look at the darker side! So as a result, more of the stuff I'm currently writing is dark, paranormal, creepy, that sort of thing! But what's a book without humor? I try my best to incorporate humorous puns throughout my stories but most come to the horrible result of a silent room. :( But still! I like them and that's all that I care about!

A little about me! :D

-I'm kind of goth, I say kind of since I'm either known as the crazy girl or the girl who wants to kill people. That's not true. I mean the part about killing people, not the crazy. I'm defiantly crazy! XD

-I'm pretty easy to get along with, I try not to judge people, though if you cause too much drama, I'll dump you by the curb. I'm in high school, I get enough drama as it is!

-I'm supposedly very smart, but since I'm pretty lazy, non of my work gets done so my grade drops.

-I can't do speeches. I can't! >.< God help me with public speaking!

-I'm a poet and I know it! :D

-I can't draw. As much as I wish I could, I can't. :(

-Anime!! <3

-Cats!! <3

-I'm creative, fun loving, and a heavy video gamer.

-I may seem reserved but if you talk to me, you'll find I won't shut up about myself! I can't even keep my own secrets!

-My books may be violent but I'm a total softy at heart! I just have a dark happy place.

-Eyes fascinate me, creepy but true. :3

So that's me! Take a look at some of my works. I could always use more feedback! :)

-Kittens!! :3 (Dawww!)
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