Status: I've actually got several books started, all scify and fantasy, but idk if any are good enough for wattpad.... considering it tho (10 months ago)


Name James Davis
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I am an aspiring writer and hopeful ender of the world's energy crisis.

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Dawn of the Epoch
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Memoirs of a Fallen God
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Awesome awesome sequel! Can't wait to read Niecro's War
Risen: Darklight

Oh no! I wanted to read more! please tell me there will be more!
Division of the Marked

a great read so far. this is enthralling to say the least!
Division of the Marked

the latest updates seen to be very problematic for many people. any chance it could be checked out and fixed? I'd really like to read the last...
Risen: Darklight

greats pics tho I'll give you that. really helps seeing what these characters look like. props!