I'm a self-published author and part-time teacher in Southern California.

I love the wattpad community, and one of my particular goals here is to get feedback on stuff before I publish it.

Two of my novels are already published, and for those, I would absolutely love to get some more reviews on Amazon. If you are interested in reviewing for me, send me a private message and I can hook you up with a free e-book or paperback version!

I'm also a rabid fan-girl of my favorite shows which include, but are not limited to: Arrow, Elementary, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, the Autobiography of Jane Eyre, X-men, and North and South. So if you have any fan-fiction of those - let me know - I'll read it!

In the meantime - have fun reading and writing on wattpad!

Corrie Garrett
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Captivate (Manipulate, Book 2)

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Description: Clare and Akemi have never met, but they're both victims of alien obsession. Sixteen year old Akemi Fujimara was 'killed' in the attempt to create an advanced biocomputer, and while she doesn't mind the better multi-tasking capacity, the fact that...

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The Aspen Experiments

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The Aspen Experiments (Book 2)

The Aspen Experiments (Book 2)

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CorrieGarrett commented on Manipulate - Chapter 17

Oh, i know, sorry! :-0 I originally had more chapters and decided to condense when I uploaded to wattpad... but then I did it wrong and tried to fix it and now I've kinda given up on the chapters. Just read it as a break in the story and ignore the number please! :-)

Yes, I agree- I was glad to be able to explore their 'culture' with a bit more depth in the sequels to show, as you say, that no group is completely good or evil. In fact, my last book is even more about the Rik, particularly Juliet. :-) 
      By the way, I undrstand what you mean about only commenting at the end - I usually read that way myself if I'm into a story. So, I hope to hear from you at the end! Thanks,