A little something about me...

I've loved to read and write since I was a child. After more than ten years, I'm writing again! In all my years, here's what I've deduced--sacrificing parts of yourself only leads you to confusion as to who you are in later years. You're best embracing those gifted parts of yourself; it will lead to a much happier and fulfilled version of you!

A few fun facts...
-I may be from Northern Canada but I don't live in an igloo, I don't skate on my local lake to play hockey and I definitely don't have a polar bear as a pet.
-Cold is when your nose freezes shut and you can't breathe; not when you have to put a warm sweater on, you sissy!
-You mess with my friends, you mess with the whole damn army, so watch out!
-I'm actually a lover and not a fighter. Yeah, I know, you're not really buying it with the previous statement huh?
-FINALLY, yes I'm quirky but that's why you love me. Now, ADMIT IT! I'm fabulous!


Greatness is only achieved by those who strive constantly for improvement - Yours truly
A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval - Mark Twain
Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it - Lucy Maud Montgomery



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A Heart's War (The Broken Men Chronicles - #5)

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Description: Ten years it had been since he’d set foot on home soil. Sure he’d kept in touch with his family up until that fateful night that had made him wish he had died along with the rest of his crew, three years before. He wasn’t a hero but merely t...

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Smile_B_Happy posted a message to ItalRT4u
Hey. This is smiley. We know each other from a while back. We met on here and its been so long since we have talked. This is my new account. Last one got hacked and I deleted it so I'm starting over again I guess you can say. Inbox me sometime so we can catch up!
Yes, well it seems that this little lady is on a roll these days. Like I've mentioned before, I promised to update more frequently now that work has died down a bit and I'm holding to my promise. No, I don't plan on doing daily updates like I have been known to do in the past but I do however strive to complete my current works, start new ones and update as often as I can provided that it's roughly once every week or two. In this case, you're just lucky I had enough time, enough brain juice to pore over my work and write something that actually came out appealing to read.

So with that, here's Chapter 10 to "A Heart's War"!


Well, well, well...

Look what we have here! Yep, I stumbled upon this one chapter that was written and relatively close to being ready to be uploaded.

Suffice to say, after a little tweaking, it's ready to be unleashed.

You didn't very well think that I would upload for one story without uploading for the other one, did you? Oh I bet you did! I bet you all thought that this latest chapter for "Break Me" wasn't ever going to be posted huh? Well here it is!


Enjoy the read!