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Description: Sophie is the love of Damien's life, she's kind, funny, caring and beautiful. One Friday, during their weekly trip to the pier to ride the ferris wheel, Damien saves Sophie's life - grabbing hold of her seconds before she plummets to her death. To D...

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Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage

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I didn't ask for any of this. I'm just a teacher's assistant. I help kids with disabilities, I teach the...

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Part 1: Hero Allal is a socialite from the sky. When she travels to the Surface she discovers that demo...

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((SAMPLE))The Zombie Prophecies - Part I - First Light((SAMPLE))

((SAMPLE))The Zombie Prophecies - Part I - First Light((SAMPLE))

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(((Returning June 2015!!))) Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, in...

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The Zombie Prophecies Short Stories

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Wow, TGIF has experienced an amazing surge over the last couple days and I'm having a hard time keeping up with the comments. With that in mind I'd like to thank you all for putting it at the number two spot in short stories! If I don't get a chance to say it to you personally, please know that I deeply appreciate all of your kind words!

This is an interesting start to a story. I love the exploration of different dimensions, and you've set up a lot of great background story for your MC. I think that you're writing style is very expressive, and you've got an excellent vocabulary, but you should keep in mind that your MC is a seventeen year old boy and there are some places where the voice of your narrator doesn't quite sound like a 17 year old boy. (For example, "whilst being the lunatic..." Or "His unwash body collapsing on our pristine white marble tiles.") If you setting your MC up to be a highly intelligent, mature-for-his-age kind of guy and you keep this voice consistent throughout then that's okay but I would take some time to consider what kind of 17 year old guy he is and try to make his first person narration sound like...well... A 17 year old guy.
      All that aside you've really set up an interesting concept here and I hope you continue to work hard at it!
sigrist commented on TGIF - Author's Note

Sophie died that night on the Ferris wheel, beyond that you can interpret it how you like. I've had people who think Damien was hallucinating the time loop, or ones who take it more literally. The biggest point I'm trying to make here is that the ending is about acceptance more than anything else.