Hot Communications (SAMPLE ONLY)

***Please note that Hot Communications has now been published. The following five chapters are strictly samples. To read the book in its entirety, copy and paste the following link in your internet browser: THANK YOU!!*** Lacey lay there on the floor surrounded with nothing but their clothes. Her body throbbed with the aftermath of his explosive pleasuring. She was beside herself that a man such as him would be drawn to her of all people. Sure, they’ve shared glances but not once had she ever imagined that something like this would ensue. His hands were heaven and she wished that he would keep them on her at all times and never let go. His lips were torture as he had licked and kissed down her body and pleasured her most intimate parts while she lay there quivering and begging for more. He ravaged her until she broke. In truth, this man was the whole package. So why had he chosen her to inflict the most wonderful kinds of all fiery tortures known to mankind? © Carey Decevito, 2012 All rights reserved
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Damn.  Tht was hella sexy! X)  They really knw how 2 get things hot n heavy. Can't wait 4 more ;)
Damn.  Things were jus gettin hot n heavy n th deliver guy had 2 come X(  Can't wait 2 read more X)  Hopefully they don't get interrupted again
@ItalRT4u That's ok though. You like to have fun. I would rather be in a boring office and sneaking around reading lol :)
@ItalRT4u I'm about to be heading off for work. I work at a bar today so I won't be able to sneak in any reading :( I wish that I could lol
@ItalRT4u Ha! LOve this so far. Glad that I started to read this story. I can't wait to read more when I get the time :)
@ItalRT4u Great choice. I love True Blood. He was good in Magic Mike too ;-). Love this so far. You have a new fan. ;-)

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