Courage Under Duress (SYTYCW)

© Carey Decevito, 2013 At 24 years old, Erica Pattinson never saw herself as a victim. Trapped in an abusive marriage where she is beaten, demeaned and suffers every type of torment imaginable, she tries to find an out—an escape. When Thomas (Tom) Clarke rolls into town and discovers that his best friend’s wife is in the hospital after a terrible “fall”, he knows that something is amiss. The two never expected for Erica’s husband to refuse her freedom or the fact that hero and survivor would develop more than a simple friendship in this thrilling tale of love and courage.
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I like the way you build up the characters in this story..  and the way she fight to be the best of her life is amazing....
You bring beauty to an ugly truth. I love the way you brought these characters to life & the emotions you make the reader feel. Kudos from T.O!
This is going to be a hard read... You're doing the reality of relationships (even though I hate calling them that) like this justice so far.
OMG, Thomas seems to have made things worse now =S I hope he realises it and comes back to help... xxx
No! Why did Thomas ask that? He shouldn't have left her alone after asking that question. Dominic is a piece of crap!
wow. every chapter just makes me hate Dominic more. I think my inner white knight wants to pummel this dude. The realism is jarring. Very well done so far.

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