The Mating Games

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laughingflower By laughingflower Completed
I am Sophia. This year I have to be in The Mating games, but unlike most of them I will fight till the end. What happens when Sophia's mate ends up being the most powerful alpha in the world. Will she fight or will she submit? Or will she end up fighting against something much worse?
Believe it or not it is very hard to see but one of my eyes is blue and one is green. I know it sounds like i am making it up but it is true.
@istolethecookiez360 mine are blue green and yellow with spacks of brown its really weird
...two diff eye colours... that means the author is awesome or couldn't decide on one colour LOL
That's what they all say.  Then they fall in love. Then mate.  Then they have pack problems.  You know the drill.  
I live in Oklahoma too!!! it's pretty boring sometimes....... @FukBoyMatt
and let the odds be ever in your favor... just quoting my favorite book with my husband: Peeta.. yep.. I'm done.. I'll stop blabbering now..