The Mating Games

I am Sophia. This year I have to be in The Mating games, but unlike most of them I will fight till the end. What happens when Sophia's mate ends up being the most powerful alpha in the world. Will she fight or will she submit? Or will she end up fighting against something much worse?
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@insanezayn  Not One of Them and Mark My Heart. Those  are just the ones I can name from the top of my head. idk if you already read them but there you go :)
ok the mating games... much like the hunger games.. and the parody.. the starving games :3
literally just got addicted to werewolf stories like two days ago. if you know any good ones pls let me know!!! it'd be a big help :)
I just read this part and already know I'm going to get addicted.... Werewolf books are my weakness.
This would be a nice movie , just have a whole bunch of action and hot werewolf boys.
I'm so ready for this, and let addiction to werwolf books begin!! And may the odds be forever in your favor

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