The Mating Games

I am Sophia. This year I have to be in The Mating games, but unlike most of them I will fight till the end. What happens when Sophia's mate ends up being the most powerful alpha in the world. Will she fight or will she submit? Or will she end up fighting against something much worse?
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If he treated me like a princess i wouldn't fight but if he is an a****** the I will fight to the death.
My friend Jonah has different colored eyes and it's kinda freaky 0_0 Don't tell him I said that
Shawnee Oklahoma ^_^ Well not really but it's near Shawnee. You shall not know where I live!
I would probably fight. 

Like seriously you don't own me, now leave me alone you handsome weirdo *flips hair and struts away*
My eyes glow in a deep red color when I look at the sun or when the sun hits them it's kinda creepy... But normally their just brown with a slight red undertone
Is this book just with boys that look and have the names of different viners or something?

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