The Rivals (Larry Stylinson)

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Lana By Lana Updated 9 months ago
Harry is co-owner of a bakery and all is going well until a coffee shop opens next door full of new ideas, the co-owner of the coffee shop Louis and he get off on the wrong foot and before long a full on prank war begins, but do they hate each other as much as they make out to?
i swear your A/Ns will be the death of me...ahahahahahahahahah
Omg I love all of your stories they're so good! Could you possibly check out my Larry story, Just a Memory? I'd really appreciate it if you did! Thankyou :)
I haven't read your stuff in forever! Excited to start again :)
Okay, it's just me I know, But i got this out of the last paragraph "My Ostrich will be sure to tell me to update." WTH IS WRONG WITH ME XD Good intro btw
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS, it's so different than any other larry fics I've read! It's so unpredictable and keeps you interested the whole time :) can't wait for more PLEASE COMPLETE IT
Bless the heavens she's at it again..can't wait to read it hun!! It seems as amazing as always... so update haha