My High School Life [Paperback/ebook Fall 2015]

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Angel Lynn By Angel Lynn Completed
[Being rewritten. New chapters being updated!] *Will be published by Summit Media*

Old Summary: Meet Isabella Ace, a 300 pound girl who was voted the 'ugliest girl' at Woodway Prep; a school for the rich. Sick of all the bullies, mostly Thomas Reed, she decided to change. 

Eight months later she's back, better than ever, and ready for revenge. 

Throw in a teasing jock, a jealous cheerleader, a goth best friend, a childhood best friend, a hot trainer, and an overprotective brother. What do you get? Craziness!! 

And what's this about a forgotten past?

Cover By Babelynn :)
I got the feeling ,a bad feeling, that Isabella is gonna get 


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