Can We Seriously Be a Family? (Fred Weasley FF)

Did you know that Voldemort had a daughter? Well he did, and her name is Marley Ann Riddle, she has a daughter of her own, and they have been in hiding from her Father since her mother died, but now they caught up to her. What will she do now? She can not go back to her father, she can not let them know about Clary, and her powers. So she escapes with her daughter to the Weasleys, but what will happen when the daughter of he-who-must-not-be-named falls in love with the hilarious and teasing Fred Weasley? Or that she finds out she is not just a muggle? Read this crazy, romance, action packed story about love and magic!
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Wow well then if it 'irritates' you so much  then stop reading the fvcking book and stop commenting rude things
I absoloutley love this story! Ive re-read it 4 times already! Keep up your awesome writings!
@HollyWeasley why are you so nasty.  Does it hurt you if she can't spell.  I would rather not know how to spell then be a vindictive arrogant person
just letting you know that you put Marly's birthday as june 31. there are only 30 days in June. not trying to be rude. i had to go back and check myself. ^_^
God, I think this is my 4th time reading this! But it's been a while so... Yeah love you Charlie!
@Elfeita Please, when you're on a writing site, learn to spell. Your clear lack of education, or just skill within spelling irritates me greatly.

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